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Integration with other Zoho Services


Integration with Zoho CRM 

With the help of this integration, you can track time spent by your employees on your CRM leads, accounts, contacts and deals. 

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Integration with Zoho Invoice

Zoho People Timesheet lets you generate bills for the jobs done. After generating the bill, you can push it to Zoho Invoice for invoicing purpose. Approved Time Logs can be pushed to Zoho Invoice both automatically and manually as required.

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Integration with Zoho Books

All accounting details like Contacts, Tax, Invoice, Currency and Client details can be pushed into Zoho Books for book-keeping purposes. Approved Time Logs can also be seamlessly synced for your various financial operations

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Integration with Zoho Mail

Zoho People's integration with Zoho Mail makes it easy to sync users of Zoho Mail with Zoho People. This integration prevents time taken in adding employees one by one to your account. Any number of Zoho Mail users can be synchronized with Zoho People.

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Integration with Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit integration allows you to convert every successful hire into an employee. When you convert a candidate into an employee, it gets automatically updated in your Zoho People account thereby, letting you do maintain the employee's details accurately on the system. This helps you save the time involved in entering candidates' details all over again into another HR software. Once the candidate is converted as an employee, you will be able to utilize all the modules like Leave, Attendance, Performance etc for the candidate using one software.

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Integration with Zoho Expense

With the help of integration with Zoho Expense, you can track expenses better. With every update that is made in the employee database in People, Zoho Expense gets automatically updated, ensuring that the approvals are going to the right person. With this integration, you can track all your expenses and get a clear idea of how much is spent by each user/department/project etc.

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Integration with Zoho Analytics

Zoho People's integration with Zoho Analytics helps you generate custom reports as per your needs other than the set of reports that are available in the modules. The reports thus created under the Analytics module can be shared with specific users, departments, roles, locations etc.

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Integration with Zoho Projects

With the help of Zoho People integration with Zoho Projects you can pull the list of Projects, Tasks and Timesheets which belong to your portal in Zoho Projects and track time for those projects in Zoho People. Approved Time Logs can then be pushed to Zoho Projects from Zoho People.

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Integration with Zoho Writer

Zoho People's integration with Zoho Writer helps you use a wide range of options to create Mail Merge templates. The templates thus created can be used in Zoho People to address various needs like sending of standard letters to a set of employees at one go.

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Integration with Zoho Sign

Zoho People's integration with Zoho Sign enables digital signing of various letters from a centralized file cabinet. With this integration, you can send your HR documents for e-signing to multiple signatories, add personal notes, set periodic reminders and validate them legally.

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Integration with Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault integration helps generate safe yet complex auto-generated passwords when adding users directly and inviting users directly to Zoho People. This integration eliminates the painstaking process of coming up with unique passwords for every new user that is added.

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Integration with Zoho Directory

Zoho Directory integration incorporates SSO (single sign-on), Active directory sync, Sign-in monitoring and custom security policy services. Zoho Directory services enhance the online security of your organization. 

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Integration with Third-Party Services

Integration with QuickBooks

Time Tracker is also integrated with Quickbooks. This integration with Quickbooks allows the following to be done.

  1. Time logs from approved timesheets will be pushed as Time Activity or as Time Charge. Employees can be paid out based on the approved time logs using this integration.
  2. The bills that have been generated in your Zoho People account can be pushed as Invoice into Quickbooks.

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Integration with AdobeSign

Zoho People's integration with Adobe Sign helps you obtain electronic signatures with ease on important contract and agreements. Using this integration, you can have agreements sent to desired recipient(s) for e-signature and also have employee related documents (like Probation confirmation, Salary revision letter etc) sent to a single or a set of employees for e-signature.

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Integration with DocuSign

Zoho People's integration with DocuSign enables seamless signing of letters. Send official letters like offer letters, probationary reports etc to be digitally signed, set reminders and expiry dates and manage letters securely with DocuSign.

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Sync with Google Calendar

By pushing your Zoho People holiday list to Google Calendar, you can view your holidays in sync with the holidays of your workplace. This helps you plan your activities better and helps you avoid toggling between your workplace holiday list and your personal events list.

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Integration with Zapier

Zapier is a web automation tool that helps to automate tasks between a wide range of acclaimed web apps in the market.Zoho People's integration with Zapier hence allows you to automate much of your HR processes. For example, if you want to have a record added in another app as a result of a record created in Zoho People, you can make it happen with the help of a Zap. Workflows in Zoho People are denoted as 'Zaps' in Zapier.

Zapier supports hundreds of apps. You can mix and match triggers and actions to automate a lot of tasks. Without any effort from you, you can get data flowing from one app to another.

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Integration with Xoxoday

Integration with Xoxoday helps motivate your employees through a reward system. Your employees can redeem Xoxoday points for experiences, gifts, vouchers, perks and various other offers handpicked for a corporate audience

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Integration with Microsoft

Integration with several Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365 Users, 365 Calendar, One Drive, Outlook (actionable cards) allows for various benefits. Right from adding users, to syncing leave calendar, approving requests from outlook inbox, and uploading files from One Drive.

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