Five months in, Notebook has become a beautiful place to take notes for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The app has evolved significantly since our launch, thanks to your continued support.

As we inch closer to the end of the year, we are excited that Apple has recognized Notebook as Best App of 2016.


The App Store included Notebook in their “We Work Harder” category, which included the best productivity and business applications of the year. Notebook is among 10 Best Apps of the Year in the Republic of Korea.

As proud of this accomplishment as we are, we’re still hard at work. We recently launched major updates to Notebook, introduced the Notebook Web Clipper, and optimized Notebook for iOS 10. With all that said, we’re just getting started. We have a ton of exciting things coming. In fact, Notebook for Mac is nearing release. Who knows, some of you may use it to pen your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. As you pen down your resolutions, you may want to try our new holiday notebook covers.

To download Notebook from the App Store, click here. For Android, click here.

For more information on Notebook, visit

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  1. Shah from Qatar

    This is a nice application for Iphone users

  2. Jz

    Looking forward to the Mac app eagerly right now. I want my notes to be in one place. But now I have to use Mac notes to sync something for productivity reason. However Notebook is much better for displaying my ideas when I have to make a decision in short. Hope I could combine my notes and keep them in just one place soon…soon…

    • Taylor Backman

      Hey Jz,

      Did you see that we have opened beta-access for our Mac app? You can sign up at the bottom of this page. We’ll be releasing soon. =]

      • Jz

        Yes, had signed up and now waiting for the release…

        • Taylor Backman

          It’s released now. Let us know what you think of it.

  3. Jakob

    I love your app, but as a Windows and Android user I am concerned with the focus on Apple devices… Are there plans to bring Android to the same level as iOS featurewise? And any ETA for Windows/Web?

    • Taylor Backman

      Hey Jakob, I’m glad you’re enjoying Notebook. I certainly understand your concern. We don’t have an ETA on the web app, but we’re working hard to make it just as great as the mobile version. What kind of features would you like to see on Android?

      • Jakob

        “Record Audio. Search with Text.”
        Actually I think that’s the only feature from the iOS version that is not iOS specific (unlike sharing, Watch etc.).
        Btw, I am more concerned about privacy- too bad Notebook doesn’t use end-to-end encryption :/

        • Taylor Backman

          End-to-end encryption is something we’re looking into doing at the Zoho infrastructure level, not just for Notebook. Rest assured, we want to offer the most secure services possible.

          I’m not a developer so I’m not sure if it’s possible to text search audio notes on Android. I’ll definitely pass your request to the team. If it’s possible we’ll definitely do it.

  4. Gary Reynolds

    Is there a notebook for Android