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It's all you

Since Notebook holds your ideas, thoughts, and memories, we think you should be able to customize it too. That's why you can add custom notebook covers by simply dragging a photo onto a notebook. Once inside a notebook, you can color coordinate your notes with colors we've provided, or by making your own.

It's All You.

Mobile-inspired gestures

Mobile devices have taught us new ways to interact with applications through multi-touch gestures. Notebook brings the familiarity and ease-of-use of your smartphone to your Mac. With a trackpad, you can navigate Notebook without making a single click. Simply hover over a notebook or note and pinch to open and close it. Hover on a note or notebook and two-finger swipe to see more information, lock, or delete. When notes are grouped, use two fingers to flip through them.

Mobile-Inspired Gestures.

Note Cards

Different types of notes should be treated differently. Jot some text and combine different types of notes in a Text Card. Drag images from your desktop right into Notebook, automatically creating a Photo Card. Stay on top of things with a dedicated Checklist Card. Record meetings or lectures with the dedicated Audio Card.

note card
checklist card
audio card
photo card

Locked and loaded

Notebook for Mac has plenty of bells and whistles, with many more on the way. Lock individual notebooks and notes with passcodes or Touch ID. Change Note Card colors and format text from the Touch Bar.

Locked and Loaded.

Take a shortcut with Touch Bar

MacBook Pro's new Touch Bar runs through Notebook, enabling contextual shortcuts within the app. Change views, create notebooks and notes, change notebook covers and note card colors, unlock notes with and more, all from the Touch Bar.

Take a Shortcut with Touch Bar. Take a Shortcut with Touch Bar.

Always in sync

Whether you're on your mobile, desktop, or surfing the web, Notebook is always on hand. All notes are automatically saved to the cloud so you'll never lose them. All changes are automatically reflected everywhere else.

Locked and Loaded


Notebook is free to download. It's ad-free too

No catch. No advertisements either.

And no, we're not selling or viewing your data. Notebook is subsidized by our ever-expanding, broad suite of business applications, which isn't a new thing for us. Zoho has been offering productivity applications for free for over a decade. Notebook is no different. You can learn more about all the things we do at

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