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  • Five ways for marketers to express gratitude to their customers on this Thanksgiving Day

Five ways for marketers to express gratitude to their customers on this Thanksgiving Day

  • Last Updated : November 23, 2023
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Thanksgiving 2023

Before we start our blog post, we, on behalf of Zoho Marketing Plus, want to express our heartfelt gratitude to customers and readers like you who inspire us to create meaningful products.

Thank you very much for your continuous support. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day is an excellent opportunity for marketers like you to express gratitude to your customers, nurture relationships, make them feel special, enhance their connection with your brand, and even bring back unhappy customers.

Here are some ways you can follow to express gratitude to your customers this Thanksgiving Day.

1) Send an email 

Emails are most effective when they offer significant value. Send an email to your customers letting them know how important they are for your business growth and how much you value them.

You can express your gratitude via email as follows.

Simple thank you note

Send an email to your customers thanking them for being your valuable customers, and encouraging them to share feedback, if they have one. Here is a sample template and email for your reference. If you need some email templates you can choose one from here.

A special discount on their next purchase

You can provide coupon codes to your loyal customers via email offering them a percentage discount when making purchases from your business. For instance, if you run a travel company, consider giving your customers a coupon code like DISCOUNT20, providing a 20% discount on flight bookings with your company.

Gift vouchers

If it's feasible for your business, you can take it a step further by sending gift vouchers to your customers, which can be highly beneficial for them. Some ideas for gift vouchers include Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Walmart, etc. If you have an integrated unified marketing platform that tracks all prior customer purchases and their values, you could create unique gift cards for each customer, proportionate to their purchase values. For instance, if a customer contributes $4000 to your business annually, you could gift them a $40 gift card, while a customer contributing $2000 annually could receive a $20 gift card.

 2) Do some giveaways on social media 

Thanksgiving giveaways on social media can be a powerful strategy to make your brand go viral and organically expand your followers, capturing the attention of the online audience. Another approach is to run a giveaway exclusively for your existing customers on social media. Encourage them to share positive reviews of their purchases from your business, mentioning your handle username along with your brand hashtag. Select the lucky winners based on engagement levels and reward them with some of your products.

 3) Create useful content for your customers that helps them grow  

While it may involve a time-consuming and extensive research process, the effort is truly worthwhile, as the content you produce can significantly contribute to your customers' business improvement, thereby generating more business for you. It creates an endless loop of success.

For example, if you do business in selling a marketing platform exclusively for automobile companies, you could develop content such as "Guides on Assisting Customers in Choosing the Right Car Accessories" or "Strategies to Address Customer Concerns Regarding Extended Car Waiting Periods." By providing valuable information, you not only support your customers but also empower them to enhance their own customer service.

This essence of giving back is at the heart of Thanksgiving — passing on gratitude!

 4) Spend time with your customers 

There's nothing more valuable than giving your time to customers. Engage with them, build friendships, and gain insights into how your solution positively influences their business and creates a meaningful impact. You can spend time with your customers through a simple call or, for a more personal touch, by visiting your customers at their place.

 5) Give your customers the better experiences they deserve 

Your customers deserve a seamlessly connected experience that caters specifically to them and their business needs. For instance, sending a personalized email to your customer based on their interactions with your recent blog post can make a significant impact.

To achieve this level of personalized engagement, it's essential to have a unified marketing platform, such as Zoho Marketing Plus. This tool empowers you to build marketing journeys with workflow functions, enabling the delivery of personalized experiences at scale through automation.

This connected experience for your customers signifies that you're treating them better than all your competitors, which, in itself, is a profound thank you to them. What more could you ask for this Thanksgiving Day?

Start delivering the connected experiences to your customers this Thanksgiving Day!

Wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration.

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