Five marketing goals for 2023 from our digital marketers

  • Last Updated : September 12, 2023
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Marketing Goals For 2023

Hello, Marketers! We hope your 2023 is going well.

Marketing trends are created by marketers like you and me. So instead of the usual grind of researching a few articles and writing a blog post, we decided to keep this discussion candid and personal by asking our marketers directly: What is your one marketing goal or tip you'd suggest to fellow marketers for 2023?

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Here's the detailed write-up on our marketing goals and how you can apply this idea to your business.

1. Give your audience the power to choose the content   

Your audience members interact with several pieces of content on different topics every day; most of them may not be even relevant to your audience. This can give your audience content fatigue, and could even make them stop looking at your brand's content.

You can easily overcome this challenge by sending out personalized campaigns with content relevant to specific individuals in your audience.

This might sound complicated, but there's an easy trick: just ask your audience members about what topics interest them while you're collecting their contact details. Then you just send them campaigns based on their content choices.

For instance, in Zoho Marketing Plus, you can add a field to your contact submission form to collect the topic interests from each audience member and automatically segment the audience based on the topics they choose.

So when you create a campaign on a particular topic, Marketing Plus intelligently sends the campaign only to the audience members who have signed up for that topic.

This means each of your audience members gets to read the content they're actually interested in.

2. Create sharp, engaging, and informative videos 

Creating video content for your brand is as important as having a website for your business. Audiences today on average spend four hours a day watching videos, so it's high time marketers don't simply write blogs and make social media posts, but also to create engaging and informative videos.

Some benefits of video marketing are as follows:

  • Videos can grab your audience members' attention and make them stick to your content for longer durations.

  • Viewers are more likely to share videos on social channels.

  • You can use videos in email campaigns or newsletters to improve your engagement rates.

  • You can repurpose videos for several other forms of content to create rich marketing collateral for your brands. For example, you can trim longer videos into shorts for YouTube, Reels for Instagram, and more.

3. Repurpose your content for social media effectively 

One of the best ways to promote your content is by sharing it on social media—and to drive better engagement for your content on social media, you should repurpose the content specifically for each medium.

For instance, if you're repurposing a blog post on Instagram, the best format might be a carousel post or a 60-second Reel. Likewise, if you're repurposing a webpage for YouTube, the best format would be a short video.

(By the way, we've repurposed the above video for this blog post, just to give you an idea of what we mean.)

4. Focus on delivering a connected experience 

This one is my favorite—not because I said it, but because this is something we at Marketing Plus stand for.

The tailored content experience you deliver to each audience member based on their prior interactions and choices across all of your brand's touchpoints is a connected experience.

Spotify is a good example. You can listen to music on a mobile application, and if you stop it for some reason, you can continue listening where you left off on another device, like a laptop or smartwatch.

Apply this idea to marketing. A unified marketing platform like Zoho Marketing Plus is purpose-built to deliver connected experiences to customers.

Zoho Marketing Plus comes with built-in tools to create and send email campaigns, manage posts on social media, host webinars, and online events, do surveys, measure campaign performance, and more—all on one platform.

With all the tools in one place and built-in marketing automation, you can create multiple versions of pages and content types and show the most relevant ones to your audience across all touchpoints, like web pages, email campaigns, webinars, surveys, and more, all based on their prior interactions. This makes each audience member feel that the content is written exclusively for them.

5. People-centric marketing backed by data 

Content is consumed by people, so it's always important to keep your content simple, personal, and colorful. At the same time, you can't be sure if your readers like your content unless you measure their engagement.

You can measure the performance of each of the following media

  • Blog posts - Based on the number of views, comments you receive, and shares a post gets on social media

  • Emails - Based on open and click rates

  • Landing page - Based on the conversion rate.

    Now you have an idea of how to measure your content's engagement. You can use this is simple yet powerful feedback to optimize your content, which sometimes we forget to do. Content is king only if it rules the kingdom well. So make sure you measure its performance.

We hope these five tips inspire you to try a thing or two with your marketing. Let us know in the comments if you have any goals to boost your marketing in 2023.

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