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    Case Study

    "We use Zoho for almost everything because of its easy integration with other Zoho Apps. We'd recommend using Zoho Marketing Automation if using other Zoho platforms."

    Isabel Mariani MonjeMarketing Consultant
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    Super enterprises

    "We had issues with managing and monitoring our business. Zoho Marketing Automation really helped us to streamline and progress further. Zoho Marketing Automation, all in one!"

    Arun NarasimhanPartner
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    Case Study

    "We would recommend Zoho Marketing Automation for the suite of marketing reach capabilities, especially Journeys."

    Jason AgourisCEO
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    Case Study

    "Zoho Marketing Automation is inexpensive and covers basically all the functions needed by small businesses like us."

    Kapil KhangaonkarCEO
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    Case Study
    Visuval App

    "Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to easily update and segment our leads, contacts, and accounts on the fly. Having used Mailchimp for years, Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to focus on important tasks instead of learning yet another system. Time is money in sales. Zoho is saving us time. Win-Win."

    Steve SnyderPresident
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    "The marketing automation software with a competitive edge."

    "Lead generation and personalized journeys for engagement."

    "A focus on the complete marketing funnel."

    "How Zoho Marketing Automation is an absolute leader in the marketing automation space?"

    "Website behavior tracking made easy to target customers."

    "Moving leads successfully through the sales funnel."

    "The one-stop automation software for all marketing activities."

    "Clear view of every business’ touchpoints."

    "Robust integrations & multi-channel engagement for the win."