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Super enterprises

Tell us about your business

We are the largest commercial printer and cartridge partner of HP and Canon in Tamil Nadu. We are also authorized suppliers through the GeM portal and serve customers across India. What started as an ancestral family stationery business has expanded into an office supplier for all types of stationery, paper, printers, and computer consumables.

"We had issues with managing and monitoring our business. Zoho Marketing Automation really helped us to streamline and progress further. Zoho Marketing Automation, all in one!" Arun Narasimhan, Partner

The challenge before Zoho Marketing Automation

We primarily focused on the B2B market and wanted to scale our operations to the B2C segment. We wanted to explore and grow in this B2C space by identifying the right channels to engage.

Super Enterprises relied on a traditional approach to marketing. It was difficult for us to manage marketing and monitor business operations with the bandwidth we had. Plus, the fact that our marketing and sales teams were working remotely due to the pandemic made it even more difficult for us to coordinate our work.

Why choose Zoho Marketing Automation?​

We chose Zoho for its brand and it has proved to be a great value for money. We were able to jump-start our marketing using Zoho Marketing Automation without the help of a developer. It was quite easy to use and learn compared to other marketing technology platforms.

How do you use Zoho Marketing Automation?​

We primarily use Zoho Marketing Automation for targeting our online audience using the web assistant feature. It helps us pro-actively engage with our website visitors using smart pop-up forms. The easy-to-build form builders have helped us create forms on the go.

We also run multichannel campaigns using Journeys to engage with our customers and dealers. This has helped us simultaneously to personalize our communications and make it all completely automated. Our modest team of marketers are embracing other modules of Zoho Marketing Automation to leverage growth opportunities.

How has using Zoho Marketing Automation helped your business?​

Zoho also helped us in our digital transformation journey. As our first software adaptation, we were able to integrate Zoho Marketing Automation with other Zoho applications quickly without any hassle. The tight integration with Zoho Commerce helped us break into the B2C market, distinguish our target audience, and run personalized campaigns.

We were able to identify the top-performing ad channels which were bringing in more leads, which fueled our marketing spend on these channels to repeat conversions. Zoho Marketing Automation's detailed dashboard tells us which products are the most-viewed and helps the team invest time and money for improving order conversions.

Also, with Zoho Marketing Automation our team was able to plan, build campaigns, and channelize our marketing efforts from different locations at the comfort of their homes.

Which feature of Zoho Marketing Automation is most appealing?​

Zoho Marketing Automation is a complete one-stop shop for all our marketing needs. We love everything about Zoho Marketing Automation!

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