Clodura Media Case Study

Tell us about your business

We're a software product company from India that offers an integrated sales data platform which helps businesses find decision-makers, gather actionable sales intelligence, and automate outreach campaigns to book more meetings.

The challenge before Zoho Marketing Automation

Managing our marketing efforts without a marketing automation platform was troublesome. We were using Hubspot, but its marketing automation platform was costly for us.

Why choose Zoho Marketing Automation?​

Zoho Marketing Automation was more budget-friendly than other marketing automation platforms.

"Zoho Marketing Automation is inexpensive and covers basically all the functions needed by small businesses like us." Kapil Khangaonkar, CEO

How do you use Zoho Marketing Automation?​

We use it for behavioral marketing. Zoho Marketing Automation helps us track all our website visitors and analyze traffic behavior.

How has using Zoho Marketing Automation helped your business?​

The platform provides us with contextual insights about website behavior and helps us engage with the visitors proactively with the right content at the right time.

Which feature of Zoho Marketing Automation is most appealing?​

Zoho Marketing Automation features are pretty standard. The price was the most appealing aspect.

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