iTristan Group Case Study

Tell us about your business

We provide software engineering innovation for supply chain automation, workflow speed, and financial management, tying together B2C and B2B commerce with ecommerce, warehousing, and vendor participation automation.

Our in-depth development process, business integration knowledge, and ability to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks are what allow us to take websites and online businesses to the next level.

The challenge before Zoho Marketing Automation

We had trouble managing layered journeys that were contextually tied to who and from where a potential prospect or a long-standing client came.

Why choose Zoho Marketing Automation? ​

Zoho Marketing Automation's integration with Zoho CRM—without it, we probably wouldn't have come on board. Zoho Marketing Automation's journeys were the next major value we wanted.

"We would recommend Zoho Marketing Automation for the suite of marketing reach capabilities, especially Journeys." Jason Agouris, CEO

How do you use Zoho Marketing Automation?​

This is still evolving. We use it mostly in two ways: We manage our newsletters with Zoho Marketing Automation, designing and delivering them to our client base to nurture relationships. Secondly, we use journeys for building value among clients, non-clients (including affiliates, partners, vendors), and prospects (new client opportunities).

Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to engage with our target audience proactively. We contextually reach out when a user engages in certain behavior, such as logging into their account, visiting a specific page, or becoming very active in general.

How has using Zoho Marketing Automation helped your business?​

Zoho Marketing Automation helps us continually focus and narrow down on how we reach out to our users through trigger metrics. It's a work in progress to continually improve the value we provide to our users.

Which feature of Zoho Marketing Automation is most appealing?​

Zoho Marketing Automation's Journeys feature is a powerful tool that we value. Though there are some things we might upgrade with Marketing Automation's relationship with CRM, Journeys still provides a capability we simply didn't have.

How does Zoho Marketing Automation integrate with your existing tech stack? ​

Zoho Marketing Automation helps us stay on top of our work with smooth integrations with Proposify and Poptin.

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