Visual App Inc. Case Study

Tell us about your business

Visual App is an internet marketing and web design agency in Texas that develops online marketing strategies that generate qualified leads for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Since 2003, we have been partnering with companies across Texas and the US to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies that involve web design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, digital advertising, and social media marketing. Our client list includes heavy industry, maintenance, and OEM master distributors throughout the US.

The challenge before Zoho Marketing Automation

As a digital marketing business, lead management is one of our top priorities. It was a tedious job for a team like ours to manage 20,000+ leads periodically. We had to identify quality leads and prioritize our follow-up to those leads. Zoho Marketing Automation helped us solve this.

Were you using any other marketing automation software before? ​

Yes, we had been long-time users of ACT software. We moved to Zoho Marketing Automation after we realized the need for a simple and easy-to-use marketing automation software.

"Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to easily update and segment our leads, contacts, and accounts on the fly. Having used Mailchimp for years, Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to focus on important tasks instead of learning yet another system. Time is money in sales. Zoho is saving us time. Win-Win." Steve Snyder, President

How do you use Zoho Marketing Automation?​

We use it to engage with our customers or prospects through emails. The interface between Gmail and Zoho Marketing Automation makes sending emails an easier task. The campaign reports help us chase leads based on email activity and pull all relevant data to document it. Plus, the lead scoring feature allows us to quickly focus on highly motivated clients first. We were able to reach the right audience at the right time.

How has using Zoho Marketing Automation helped your business?​

Time is money. We use the readymade email templates extensively to set up campaigns with just a few clicks. We love how it's easily customizable. It allows us to send highly targeted emails to our audience by personalizing stock messages and with eye-catching designs.

Which feature of Zoho Marketing Automation is most appealing?​

The Mass Email feature is one of Zoho Marketing Automation's most appealing, as segmentation can be done on the fly.

How does Zoho Marketing Automation integrate with your existing tech stack?​

Zoho and Gmail are very tightly integrated. We also have the Google calendar feature syncing with our Zoho calendars as well.

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