Obelis Group Case Study

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We are a leading specialist in European regulatory, directive, and compliance strategy. Our CE marking, responsible person, authorized representative, and consultancy services have helped countless European and non-European manufacturers alike introduce products successfully to the EU market.

The challenge before Zoho Marketing Automation

We faced a shortage of marketing insights for our lead database. The team wanted to tackle leads from a marketing perspective before it was passed on to sales for engagement.

Why choose Zoho Marketing Automation?​

Since we were already using Zoho CRM, Forms, Analytics, and Campaigns, it was easy for us to migrate to Zoho Marketing automation, which is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM and other Zoho apps. Plus, it was pocket-friendly when compared to other marketing automation tools in the market.

"We use Zoho for almost everything because of its easy integration with other Zoho Apps. We'd recommend using Zoho Marketing Automation if using other Zoho platforms." Isabel Mariani Monje, Marketing Consultant

How do you use Zoho Marketing Automation?​

Zoho Marketing Automation provides a holistic view of our leads with real-time insights and enables us to push marketing campaigns to our target audience with ease. The seamless flow of leads helps us run nurturing campaigns regularly in order to generate interactions and interest. However, we're planning to automate these engagements with journeys.

How has using Zoho Marketing Automation helped your business?​

Because we use Zoho CRM to manage our sales, we needed tight integration with CRM and our lead database. Zoho Marketing Automation filled this gap for us. The unified marketing insights for the lead database helped us chase the right leads. The co-ordination between departments is dramatically better and there are no communication silos.

Which feature of Zoho Marketing Automation is most appealing?​

Zoho Marketing Automation's pricing is very attractive and benefits businesses like ours.

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