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Setup Email for Client organization

Once you have added an organization and its domain, you can complete the email hosting setup quickly for the organization, if you have the DNS login Details of the domain. The steps for completing the set up process are

Verify Domain

The first step to set up the client organization is to verify the domain. When you have added the organization, and yet to verify the first domain, the Verify link is available in the Manage page. Click the link to proceed with the domain verification.  The Super Admin can also login and proceed with the verification and other setup processes. 

Pre-requisites: You need to get the DNS login details of the domain from the customer to complete this step.

Add Users

Once you have verified the domain, you can proceed to setup email accounts of the organization. You can add accounts in the Organization using Add user or Import user options. Refer here for detailed instructions.

Pre-requisites:You need to get the user email accounts list from the customer and reorganize it to match the import user template provided by Zoho Mail. Also get the list of various email aliases required for each user account. 

Create Groups

Apart from user accounts, you can also set up Group email addresses. They can be used in cases where multiple users need to receive emails sent to one email address (Support email addresses). Once all the user accounts are set up, create the different group accounts and add the respective members to each group. Learn more about Groups. 

Pre-requisites:The email address list of various groups, the permission settings for each group, members details of the group along with the moderator role details are needed to set up different types of groups and members. 

Configure Email Delivery

The most important and critical step in the email setup for an organization is configuring email delivery. The email delivery for any domain will be based on the MX records added in the DNS Manager of the domain. Refer here to learn more about email delivery and MX records.

Pre-requisites:You need the DNS login details of the domain from the customer to complete the configuration. Also, you should discuss with the client and decide on a particular date for the switch. All the admins and the users of the domain should be made aware of the change in the email provider. Any email client configurations should be updated to match the POP or IMAP configurations of Zoho Mail. 

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