Domain Settings

Zoho Mail allows organizations to add domains to their organization accounts or even buy domains through Zoho. Your organization members will further be able to send and receive emails using their custom domain-based email addresses in Zoho. Additionally, Zoho Mail has certain domain-specific settings such as domain aliasing, subdomain stripping, domain disclaimers, catch-all address and notification address.

In case you are looking for a new additional domain for your business, you can buy a domain through Zoho and have it pre-configured for Zoho Mail. Learn more

Domain Aliasing

Domain aliasing refers to the process of adding a new domain as an alias to a previously existing domain that is already configured in Zoho. When you configure domain aliasing, emails to the alias address will directly be delivered to the original email address in Zoho, even though the alias address does not actually exist. Click here to know more.

Subdomain Stripping

As the name denotes, subdomain stripping refers to the process of removing the subdomains (if any) from the main domain name. For example, consider that you have a domain configured in Zoho. If you have enabled subdomain stripping for this domain, any emails sent to will be directly delivered to Click here to know more.

Domain Disclaimers

An email disclaimer is a paragraph or a piece of text appended to the bottom of the email, as a legal notice combined with a confidentiality notice. Unlike signatures, disclaimers are domain-wide and will be applied to all the users who have email accounts in that domain. Learn more.

Catch-all Address

A catch-all address refers to the email address that captures emails sent to any invalid addresses in the domain. So even the emails addressed to invalid email ids (wrong/misspelt addresses) will be delivered to the catch-all email address, from where you can take any necessary action. Click here to know more.

Notification Address

Any valid email address in the domain can be configured as the notification address for a particular domain. Notification emails related to certain warnings such as email routing, group emails, etc. will be sent to this email address. Learn more.

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