#Throwback to Zoho Mail 2019 

Zoho Mail | January 9, 2020 | 1 min read

Our New Year’s resolution every year is to improve your email experience even more.

The end of 2019 marked not only the end of a year but also the end of a decade! While looking back at the ten years of growth we’ve had, we are extremely glad that you were a significant part of this journey with Zoho Mail.

2019 was an eventful year for the Zoho Mail team. We reached many new milestones by creating the most requested features, adding enhancements to the existing ones, and immediately fixing bugs like completing the levels in a video game. We hope those updated features, crafted with you in mind, made emailing a breeze. 

On that note, Team Zoho Mail would like to thank each and every one of you for being part of our incredible journey. Let’s take a look back at some of our 2019 highlights.


Ending on a happy note, we are ecstatic to tell you that Zoho was named the Enterprise Software Vendor of the Year 2019 by Constellation Research! Thank you all for being our biggest cheerleaders and our most valuable critics. We needed both to grow into what we are today as a product. We’re glad to begin this new decade with you! Here’s hoping 2020 brings us double the joy, productivity, and many more useful features to make your Zoho Mail experience even better!

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  1. lucky jain

    thanks for free custom email service and ‘reply to’ service

  2. Einfach USA

    excellent production using for last 1 yr, for small business like us its a life saver

  3. Sabari

    i really impressed, way you used to presenting your feature update

  4. Charlie

    Congratulations on a great year. Thanks Zoho team for all you have done for us. I pay for some of it, some of it is free, and we are both winning ( I hope). cool Pacman game bros. creative!

  5. krishna

    #zoho is the best. best user interface.

  6. Kathryn

    I am unable to send any emails on any of my devices, but at the moment can still recieve them.
    but for how long…..

  7. Fernando andrade

    Bom dia! Sou consultor de empresas, e tenho indicado o ZOHO para todos meus clientes e implantado a base em 90% deles.

    • Tina Raffal

      Olá Fernando,

      Muito obrigado! Continue apoiando o Zoho Mail! 🙂

  8. Enisa Jukic

    We can not send or receive any email in our company for a week. I just sent email to support@zohomail.com . Tourist Board of Tuzla Canton

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Enisa,
      Our Support personnel will get in touch with you regarding this. In the meanwhile, you can call us at our 24×7 phone support available in/near your region.

  9. Hugo Breda Schneweiss

    I Just want to say thank you. ZOHO Mail is being a helping hand in such a difficult times for my company here in Brazil. Thanks so much.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Hugo,

      Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to us. We are glad you like using Zoho Mail 🙂

  10. info@fayedatech.com

    I want to update my signature. I am trying to change but the error message ( This signature has been created by your administrator. You will not be allowed to edit it.)

    • Tina Raffal


      If the Administrator of your organization has configured a signature for your account, you will not be able to edit or associate a new signature to that particular email address. The admin assigned signature is denoted with a lock icon and only the admin can edit it. Refer this help page to know more.

  11. Inal

    Kudos !

  12. G

    I can’t read mail on my android phone . please fix the format issues . currently a nother screen of yours covers the actual mail . Obviously if you email a response I will never be able to read it untill the problem is fixed

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey G,

      Can you please contact us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com for us to help you out?

  13. David McCarthy

    Don’t like the new login.
    Having to click and wait for the password page is a backwards step from a user experience point of view – it takes more of my valuable time.
    Why does Zoho follow the crowd (and Google) in making such changes?

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey David,

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll pass along your feedback to the respective team and will keep you updated of any changes.

  14. shafs

    thanks brad

  15. Nirmal Johny

    Nice and unique approach to highlight your updates.

    • Tina Raffal

      Thank you Nirmal! Will convey your appreciation to our Designer 🙂

  16. William

    “The end of 2019 marked not only the end of a year but also the end of a decade!”
    Actually, the end of the decade doesn’t come until the end of 2020.

    Think about it. The first year of any period begins with year one, not year zero. The end of the decade arrives at the end of year 10, year 20, etc.

    People made the same error when welcoming in the new millennium on the first day of 2000. Sorry folks, but you celebrated a year early and totally missed the big day on the first day of 2001.

  17. Grenhold Felber

    ICH MAG ES!!!!! ICH MAG ES!!!!!!! JAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hallo Grenhold,

      Vielen Dank für Ihre ekstatische Antwort! Verwenden Sie weiterhin Zoho Mail 🙂

  18. Ondrej Vitek

    Thank you for your services and I wish you many innovations by 2020, and please remember that you are “not Google” and that has made you better.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Ondrej,

      Thank you for your kind words! Keep using Zoho Mail. Happy 2020 🙂

  19. ALi Al Mashyakhi

    The most happiest thing happened to me in 2019 that i became a Zoho Mail lover 🙂
    I love this email client like no other.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Ali,

      Thank you so much! We are glad you love Zoho Mail as much as we do!

  20. Randall

    what a unique way to present your year in review. Keep up the great work making Zoho mail one of the best mail clients around. I’m looking forward to Zoho WorkDrive eWidget integration in 2020!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Randall,

      We are ecstatic to know you love Zoho Mail! Zoho WorkDrive Integration in eWidget is already available in Zoho Mail! You can refer this help doc for more information. Happy 2020 🙂

  21. Martin

    Best e-mail service I’ve ever tried and I’m truly happy with it for about 5 years. For me everything works how it should. Thanks!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Martin,

      You made our day! We are happy you think Zoho Mail is the best email service!!! Thank you for being our valuable user for 5 years! Here’s to more 🙂

  22. Lolita

    Beautiful idea, but it’s OLD

  23. Dulce

    Please update your problem of ZOHO mail soon! It have been a month which we cannot use it as good as we want to!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Dulce,

      Please contact us at support (at) zohomail (dot) com with more details regarding the issue you are facing for us to help you out.

  24. Asghar Khaled

    Kudos to mail team

  25. Fysal

    Incoming email don’t show
    Outgoing emails spam

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Fysal,

      We would need more details regarding this issue, please contact us at support (at) zohomail (dot) com for us to troubleshoot and fix this for you.

  26. Cristian

    Es muy interesante esta aplicación

    • Tina Raffal

      Hola Cristian,

      Muchas gracias!

  27. Stephen J. Cross

    Nice and fun way to present your updates!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Stephan,

      Thank you! We are glad you had fun while viewing our updates. Will convey it to our designer 🙂

  28. Joseph Schmoe

    Couldn’t eat all the dots, very unsatisfying.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Joseph,

      We’re sorry you found it unsatisfying, but we do hope you enjoyed playing it enough to excuse us this once. We’ll make sure to do better next time 🙂

      • Steve

        I couldn’t access that section through any of the panels.. is there something I’m missing?

  29. Alogna.