Zoho Mail through 2019

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Zoho Mail through 2019

January 2019

Undo Send

Hit the "Send" button by mistake? You can stop it before it reaches the recipient using the Undo Send option. The email is then saved in Drafts for you to edit and send later.

February 2019

Automate.io integration

Set up cross-functional workflows in automate.io to connect Zoho Mail and 100+ cloud apps.

March 2019

Editor mode

Choose your preferred editor—Rich text or Plain text—while composing emails in Zoho Mail.


eWidget apps

Forward the resumes, handle remote support, and jot down the notes all without leaving your inbox. eWidget now sports Zoho Recruit, Zoho Assist, and Zoho Notebook extensions in Zoho Mail.

April 2019

S/MIME Encryption

Keep your emails secure during transit by adding an extra layer of protection. S/MIME lets you digitally sign and encrypt your email.

May 2019

Security updates

Know how secure the emails in your inbox are with Mail's encryption indicators and spam-warning banners.


Out of office responses in Sent folder

Configure your Out of office settings to save or discard your automatic responses in your Sent folder in Zoho Mail.


Save emails in EML format

Save your emails, along with their attachments, using the "Save as EML file" option in Zoho Mail.

June 2019

Email backup and restoration

Email backup ensures emails from selected users' mailboxes are saved in the server even after they are deleted. If required, the admin can restore these deleted emails to their respective accounts.

July 2019

eWidget apps

Track and manage your tasks and contacts using Trello and Hubspot integrations in Zoho Mail.


Email retention and eDiscovery

Configure Email Retention to archive and save your organization's emails according to your company's standards. Use Zoho Mail's eDiscovery feature to quickly find and retrieve any archived emails within your organization.

August 2019

Manage your attachments like a pro

Overcome attachment limits and send big files (up to 250 MB) using Mail's Huge Attachments feature. Add, access, attach, and share files using Zoho WorkDrive integration in eWidget.



Create custom shortcuts (Hotkeys) to expand and replace your choice of abbreviations with full words, phrases, number sequences, and more as you type.

September 2019

Developer Space

Build your own extensions with custom functionalities to use in Zoho Mail using our Developer Space! And publish your creation in Zoho Marketplace.



Integrate various external apps with Zoho Mail via Zoho Marketplace and use them as extensions to your inbox through eWidget.

October 2019

Enhanced Spell checker

Compose flawless emails with our built-in enhanced spell checker. Instantly find all pesky typos and grammar errors, then remove or replace them with the list of suggestions given.


Zoho Mail mobile app is iOS 13 ready

Dark mode, custom fonts, and a document scanner—all the exciting features of the iOS 13 update are now supported on our Zoho Mail mobile app.

November 2019

eWidget apps

New additions in eWidget: you can now integrate Zoho Sign, Pipedrive, Highrise, and Egnyte apps with Zoho Mail.

December 2019

New Integrations

Extend your inbox and connect your apps to Zoho Mail with Integromat, Blendr.io, or Workato integrations.