Zoho Inventory and Vamaship

The Zoho Inventory - Vamaship integration enables you to supercharge product deliveries in India. Fulfill orders through popular shipping carriers and receive real-time shipment updates.

About Vamaship

Vamaship is a leading shipping aggregator in India that partners with popular domestic and international shipping carriers. Vamaship plays a key role in simplifying shipping for thousands of small and medium businesses across India.

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Watch this video to see how to integrate your Zoho Inventory organization with Vamaship
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Before you begin, you need to have:

  • Zoho Inventory account

    Indian Edition with base currency as INR

  • Vamaship account

Benefits of integrating Zoho Inventory and Vamaship

Shipping preference

Have the flexibility to choose your preferred warehouse location for product pickups, along with the option of scheduling pickup date of your choice.

Shipment tracking

Ship multiple packages right from Zoho Inventory via Vamaship and track them in real-time. Receive and share instant updates to customers on their orders.

Seamless fulfillment

Ship multiple packages, associated with both offline and online orders, at the same time. Fulfill both prepaid and cash on delivery orders, and generate shipping labels on the go.

Real-time shipping rates

Fetch shipping rates from multiple carriers in real-time based on your package details and preferred mode of shipment.

Embedding reports

You can embed reports and dashboards of your business performance directly into websites, blogs, and applications for wider reach.

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