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Sunny Keny

Senior Executive, IT and Operations

How automation of expense entries eliminated the expense reporting pain for a major consulting company

With services as critical as strategic and innovation consulting, BMGI India could not afford to waste time in something as mundane and time consuming as capturing expenses. BMGI India is the Indian arm of BMGI Global consulting firm specializing in providing management consulting solutions to India and Asia Pacific region in strategy, innovation, problem solving and business transformation across all industries and recognized as a world leader in Performance Excellence.

Sunny Keny, Senior IT Executive, BMGI India, wanted a system that would be easy for their IT team to implement, and easy for their employees to get the hang of, in no time.

Previously, BMGI India had used a spreadsheet based tool that was built in-house to meet their expense reporting needs. Employees had to calculate the amount, fill the form with respective expense heads and even fill the report number. It was consuming so much of their time which could have otherwise been spent growing the company. They wanted a tool which could automate all these tasks.

Finding the ideal expense reporting tool

Sunny started his search with expense reporting tools like Concur, Expensify etc. and thats when he came to know about Zoho Expense on the web. Those tools were either costly or wasn't ideal for their requirement. Zoho Expense seemed suitable for BMGI and after a month's trial, Sunny subscribed.

"The product has a good UI on both the mobile and desktop apps. Two reasons which made me buy Zoho Expense was that their support team was very responsive. Based on our suggestions, they were willing to include new features that we needed. And the second reason, in comparison to the other bigger expense reporting tools, the pricing was very affordable."

Expense reporting made effortless

BMGI India exclusively make use of the auto scan function to automate date entry from receipts.

"The most amazing feature is the OCR capability which scans and reads not only printed but handwritten receipts with about 99.9% accuracy. The mobile apps are so aptly designed that our employees don’t use much of the desktop or web based tool except for analytics."

Apart from automating expense entries, Zoho Expense has substantially reduced the report submission/approval efforts.

"For the user, especially when they have too many receipts, they can just get it organized by uploading multiple receipts where the details such as amount, date and even the expense head get filled automatically. All what is left for the user is to create a report and submit."

More importantly, Zoho Expense has made it easy for the accountants in BMGI to verify reports.

"In the Indian context where soft receipts (photographed) are not accepted, we use the system to make it mandatory for all the employees to submit the receipts along with the report. The accountant only needs to cross check without calculating anything and by using a third party application, we export expenses from Zoho and import them into our accounting software, QuickBooks. A great deal of time is saved for the finance team."

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