Zoho Show

Refreshing New UI

Show 3.0 features an enhanced user interface which is a complete overhaul of the previous version. The interface is now simple and user friendly enabling easy navigation. A very sleek tool bar and contextual menus enables users to gain quicker access to the features thereby, assisting easy navigation through the tool.

Build Consistency with Master Slides

Impart consistency throughout the presentation slides with the new Master slide. You don’t have to format individual slides again. Zoho Show provides you with a master slide where you can set the font, font style, color, borders and footers. You can make the required settings and they will be applied to the rest of your presentation.

Customize your Slide Design

The choice of your slide design greatly helps you to set the context to the presentation you are going to deliver. Be it a formal business presentation or casual interactions within the organization, slide design takes a key role. Show 3.0 offers you an extensive gallery of slide design, which helps you to create and deliver attention grabbing presentations.

Easy Flowcharts and Diagrams

You can now create neat and professional diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, technical drawings and more with Zoho Show. The dynamic shapes and self-routing connectors helps you change the shape automatically as you move them.

Upload/Download Presentations

You can import presentations created using other tools into Zoho Show and export them. There is no dependence on third-party vendors. You can import and export presentation files with the following extensions: .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .odp, .sxi This feature enables retention of meaning and value by retaining the layout and visual emphasis of presentations that are imported. Imported presentations look like the original when viewed online and when printed.

Insert Videos/Images

Enhance your presentations with pictures and videos. You can now embed pictures from Picasa, Flickr and also insert videos from the web. Transform your pictures into shapes.

Rich Image Editing

No expensive software is needed for editing. The rich image editing feature in Show 3.0 enables you to make finer changes to the images. Add effects like shadows and reflections to the images; you can now touch up and recolor photos, crop, align and flip them to increase the visual appeal of your presentation.

Apply Shape Effects

Creating a great show is simpler than you imagine. You really don’t have to be a great designer to create visually captivating presentations. Show 3.0 offers you a gallery of shapes which can be customized into refreshingly different objects. You can edit the shapes, add effects like reflections, shadow, gradients, and many more. With Show 3.0’s dynamic shapes you can make your slides look exactly the way you wanted to.

Zesty Transitions & Animations

Animations and transition effects breathe life to your presentations. No matter how interesting your content is, without the little impressive movements in the text/image; your presentation is not effective. With Show 3.0’s improved and wide choice of transition effects, you are sure to keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation.

Sharing and Collaborating

This feature allows you to share your presentations with your audience. You can invite selected members from a group or a whole group to read or edit your presentation, while you can still control who can view your presentation. Collaboration is now real-time. This feature allows more than one person to edit a presentation simultaneously. You can instantly share your ideas, feedback and suggestions and make necessary changes to your presentation.

Broadcasting your Presentation

You can now broadcast your presentation to the remote audience over the web. The feature enables you to share your presentations anywhere and anytime. You needn’t be physically present in the room to deliver a presentation. Show’s powerful messaging framework helps you to garner feedback instantly from your customers, colleagues, team members or peers, thereby promoting real-time interaction.

Publishing to the Web

You can publish your presentation in different ways. You can make your presentation available to the rest of the world by embedding the URL of the presentation in your blog or your web site. You can also personally e-mail the URL to individuals or a group. Zoho Show allows you to publish your presentations in the Public Presentations section. These presentations will be visible to anyone who has a Zoho, corporate e-mail ID.

Version Tracking

Versions allow you to track the changes you have made to your presentation while creating it. Zoho Show automatically creates versions of your presentation and at the same time saves each version. It is possible to return to a previous version of presentation at any time. You can now restore the earlier version of your presentation and replace your current one with the earlier version.


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