Why need ZohoDesk

As simple as an email inbox is, it comes with its set of downfalls. It’s a clutter of emails from all your customers, leaving you scrambling to figure out which ones require your immediate attention. You can’t really measure progress, nor can you keep track of your previous interactions with the customer from a different channel. That’s why you need Zoho Desk— the industry’s favorite email ticketing system. It’s a solution that is just as simple and cost effective, and helps you be far more efficient.

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What is an email ticketing system?

An email ticketing system helps you convert customer emails to tickets, and compiles and organizes them in a single place so no customer complaint goes unnoticed.It helps you automate tasks, set up workflow and SLA rules, and monitor how many emails come in and how many responses go out.

A way to help your customers help themselves

Your customers want quick ways to ask questions, and even quicker ways to get answers. The best way to do this is to help your customers help themselves. By setting up a Help Center with a Knowledge Base, you can make help articles and FAQs easy for your customers to find, without waiting for an agent to reply.

When your customers can’t find answers from your list of articles, they can turn to fellow customers to discuss and resolve issues among themselves. These forums also serve as platforms for your company to post important announcements and interact with your customer base.

customers help themselves

What if you end up not liking the email ticketing tool after you buy it?

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to email tickets management, and almost all of them come with a free trial period. If you run a small business, you might even find an free help desk software that might suit your needs. Evaluate them, compare them, choose the right pricing plan and software. It definitely is worth the effort.

Zoho Desk is the perfect solution for Email Tickets Management

Turn a new leaf with Zoho Desk.