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Java SDK - Overview

The Zoho Desk Java SDK helps you create client Java applications that can be integrated with your Zoho Desk portal. This SDK makes it easy to access and use Zoho Desk APIs. In other words, it serves as a wrapper for the REST APIs, making it easy to use Zoho Desk's functionalities in your custom applications.

While creating a client application using this SDK, make sure to create programming code elements along with configuration-related properties files, interface implementations, instances, or objects. User authentication is handled through the OAuth token mechanism, and HTTP requests and responses are taken care of by the SDK.

Environmental Setup

This SDK requires Java (version 7 and above) to be set up in your development environment.

Downloadable JARs

This version downloads just the SDK without the dependent JAR files.

Therefore, you must first add the following JAR files to the Referenced Libraries section of your application project:

You can download these JAR files from here.