Discover errors and prepare data faster with this AI-powered data preparation tool


Prepare data from multiple sources

Connect to a variety of sources such as files, feeds, databases, data warehouses, REST APIs and more. Also use built-in connectors to import data from Zoho Analytics and Zoho CRM.


Analyze and improve data quality

Profile data to view data distribution, statistics, outliers, and data quality. Remove duplicates in the data and improve the quality by fixing invalid and missing values.


Transform and enrich

Use our AI-powered transformation engine and intelligent suggestions to apply over 250 transforms. Use machine learning techniques to enrich data with sentiment analysis, language detection, keyword extraction and more.


Reuse rulesets

Use rulesets to track every transform applied to your data. Modify, disable, or remove any transforms at any point in time, and reuse rulesets to apply the same set of transforms in other datasets.


Catalog your data

Manage datasets by categories, custom tags, data quality, data readiness, and more. Use Zia Search to perform system-wide metadata search to improve discoverability.

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Why choose Zoho DataPrep as your data preparation software?

  • Empowers business users with self-service data preparation
  • High quality data for any business need
  • Augmented data preparation identifies the next step for you
  • Brings unstructured data into the fold
  • Expansive scale with the cloud
  • Extensible data preparation platform with powerful APIs

Multipurpose data preparation software

Zoho DataPrep can fit in wherever needed. Transform, cleanse, and format data for analytics, machine learning, data migration, and warehousing.


    Advanced Analytics

    High data quality helps data analysts get deeper insights from BI and analytics tools. Zoho DataPrep drastically reduces the time and effort required to prepare your data.

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    Data Warehousing

    Run automated data pipelines from various sources to Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL and other popular cloud data warehouses.

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    Machine Learning

    The effectiveness of a machine learning model depends largely on the quality of the data used to train it. Zoho DataPrep helps data scientists with data cleaning at scale, without any coding.

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    Business processes/Migration

    Migrate data between business apps using DataPrep. Cleanse and enrich your data in business applications such as CRM, help desk and survey tools, to weed out duplicates and validate records.

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Setup end-to-end data pipelines using a variety of data sources and destinations supported

Connect to 50+ data sources

Connect to your preferred data source and set up automated end-to-end data pipelines.

View all data sources
  •  Zoho Analytics
  •  Google Drive
  •  Amazon
  •  Google
    Cloud SQL
  •  OneDrive
  •  Box
  •  Snowflake
  •  DropBox
  •  Microsoft

Sync to multiple destinations

When your data is prepared and ready to go, sync it to your data warehouse or to your preferred analytics/BI service.

  •  Microsoft
  •  OneDrive
  •  Snowflake
  •  Amazon
  •  Amazon
  •  Zoho
  •  Google
    Cloud SQL
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What early adopters think of Zoho DataPrep

vecotr solutions using DataPrep to clean data

Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data.

Bob Sullivan JDDirector, Vector Solutions

We spend a lot of time writing and maintaining custom scripts to import data, fix errors and transform the data. Using Zoho DataPrep, we easily found the errors in the data and fixed them all from within the tool. We are now looking to eliminate manual scripts and use Zoho DataPrep to automate data preparation.

Claudio CabezaBusiness Development Director, Grupo Premo

Zoho DataPrep is a great tool for cleaning up data prior to importing it into Zoho Products. It helped reduce the time we spent migrating CRM data and third party Analytics data by 75 to 80%. It also significantly increased the number of rows that we were able to import and the accuracy of the data we were importing.

Dave Staffuernode9, llc
Global Underground

Zoho DataPrep is an essential tool for our business. As a record label we deal with millions of micro-transactions across thousands of titles and hundreds of stores in dozens of territories. Zoho DataPrep gives us a deep dive into the data, enabling the creation of valuable analytics in seconds at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Andrew ArcherLabel Manager, Global Underground Limited
  • Claudio CabezaDirector, Premo Group
  • We used to spend a lot of time building powerful custom-made scripts to fix our raw data. With Zoho DataPrep, we found that all the errors in the data can be fixed using the tool and we are now looking to eliminate the scripts and use Zoho DataPrep completely for our cleansing process.

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The basics of data preparation explained

  • What is data preparation?

    Data preparation is the process of collecting, combining, structuring, cleaning, transforming, and enriching raw data before warehousing, processing, and analysis. The prepared data can be used in business intelligence, analysis, and data visualization applications.

  • Why is data preparation important?

    Organizations collect data from multiple sources, but it often has data quality issues such as duplicates, errors, missing, and inconsistent data. This data is too unreliable for accurate analytics and decision-making. According to a recent study, poor data quality costs $3.1 trillion every year for the US alone. This is why it's crucial to implement a data preparation system to cleanup the data before using it.

  • What are the steps involved in data preparation?

    • Data integration: Connect to multiple data sources.
    • Data modeling: Auto-infer data types and perform data profiling.
    • Data cleansing: Clean data to improve data quality.
    • Data transformation: Transform data to your desired format and values.
    • Data enrichment: Enrich data using machine learning transforms or 3rd party data.
    • Data validation: Set custom formats and data types, evaluate data quality, and apply target matching.
    • Data pipeline: Set up automated data preparation workflows.
    • Data management: Catalog data and manage data assets.
    • Data sharing: Secured data sharing, user groups, and collaboration.
  • Who can use a data preparation tool?

    Data preparation tools can be used by professionals in data science, data analytics, and data engineering. These tools are essential for Business Intelligence teams that make crucial data-driven decisions. Moreover, the Sales and Marketing teams can use data preparation tools to get high-quality data for accurate insights on their leads and prospects.

  • Do I need data preparation software?

    Many businesses deal with massive amounts of data from multiple sources, and this data usually has data quality issues. It takes more time, cost, and manual effort to fix messy data. The result is not always great, and is generally error-prone, since data preparation is a laborious task. There are also key challenges, such as, data privacy and security, complex tools, and methodologies. However, data preparation software can perform even complex tasks easily using advanced data cleaning, transformation, enrichment and data management features with less time and effort. Data preparation software is a must-have for professionals that deal with huge complex data and make data-driven decisions.

  • How do I choose the right data preparation tool?

    Data preparation service involves multiple stages. An ideal data preparation tool should be able to clean, transform, enrich and manage data in a secured manner. Here's a quick list of boxes you would want to check while evaluating data preparation tools:

  • What are the benefits of using a data preparation tool?

    Data preparation tools help reduce the dependency on the Engineering and IT teams to extract data from source, prepare, and provide access for business focused teams to derive insights from. Data scientists and data analysts spend 60% of their time manually cleaning the data. Data preparation tools not only save time, but also reduce the manual effort in getting huge amounts of data ready. Some of the key benefits include:

    • Error-free and reliable data
    • Increased data accessibility
    • High quality data for accurate insights and well-informed decision-making
    • Resource optimization
    • Cost-effective
    • Efficient data administration
  • How can Zoho DataPrep help you with data preparation?

    Zoho DataPrep is a self-service data preparation tool that offers you a complete data preparation solution with the following features: