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Bad quality data can easily throw your analytics off track—but DataPrep can easily clean your data and help remove outliers to ensure the data flowing into Zoho Analytics is always accurate.

 Data Preparation for Analytics - Zoho DataPrep

Why Zoho DataPrep for Zoho Analytics

You have data flowing in from multiple sources, showing you how your operations work, how and why customers buy from you, how your customer service runs, and more; but 80% of your data analyst productivity is spent cleaning all this data. DataPrep can automate the data cleansing process to ensure your analysts have more time to work on getting insights from your data.

Seamlessly connect with Zoho Analytics

Zoho DataPrep easily works with your existing Zoho Analytics data. With a single click, you can import all of your data from Zoho Analytics—no need to spend hours trying to get data from scattered sources.

Prepare data for analytics
Clean, transform, and enrich your data

Clean, transform, and enrich your data

Whether it be missing or inconsistent data, you can easily identify and fix it with DataPrep. We also have OpenAI integration, which allows you to create complex formulas by giving instructions in natural language. Advanced features—like transform by example, data quality analysis, smart cleansing, and more—make it easy for you to transform and clean your data.

Create automated data pipelines with scheduled importing and exporting

You can set automated schedules to ensure fresh sets of data are fetched and run through pre-saved rulesets, to ensure clean data is always available. From source to destination, DataPrep makes sure there's a constant flow of updated data ready for you.

Create automated data pipelines
Built for organizations

Built for organizations of all sizes

We understand that your organization’s data is growing every single day, and that your needs will grow with it. That's why we have a transparent pricing policy, where you only pay for what you use. Easily scale up or down based on your data usage, without any hassle.

Understand customer feedback better

Zoho DataPrep’s AI capabilities can help dig deeper into your customer feedback by running sentiment and keyword analysis. Support tickets, emails, tweets, Instagram comments, DMs, and Reddit threads—make more sense of your data and build better analytics dashboards with the insights pulled from all this data.

Understand customer feedback better

Tight integration with Zoho Analytics

Zoho DataPrep is tightly integrated with Zoho Analytics for you to quickly connect to the data in Zoho DataPrep and clean the data right inside Zoho Analytics.

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Zoho DataPrep add-on for Analytics - Zoho DataPrep
Zoho Analytics integration - Zoho DataPrep


    "Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data."

    Bob Sullivan JD

    COO, Vector Solutions

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