Data preparation for Analytics & BI

Experience seamless data preparation for Analytics and Business Intelligence with Zoho DataPrep. Effortlessly cleanse, transform, and enrich your business data. Take advantage of our powerful data preparation tool to discover actionable insights today.

 Data Preparation for Analytics - Zoho DataPrep

Prepare cleaner data for enhanced Analytics & BI

Data analysts and scientists spend over 80% of time preparing data. Zoho DataPrep helps speed up the process and improves the data preparation experience.

  • Consolidate scattered data

    Connect to a variety of data sources such as files, feeds, FTP servers, cloud storage, databases and data warehouses. DataPrep helps you collect scattered data and blends data for advanced analytics.

  • Fix data quality issues

    Fix data quality issues such as invalid, missing, and duplicate records using advanced transformation techniques. Get a real-time assessment of the data quality with every change made to your data.

  • Parse unstructured data

    Format unstructured data with features such as smart selection, pattern-based text extraction, JSON parsing, smart clustering, and more.

Prepare data for analytics
Data quality improvement using data preparation for analytics
Data Preparation helps structure data for analytics

Stop data analysts spending more time on ETL

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    Multiple Sources

    Import data into Zoho DataPrep from a variety of sources including files, REST APIs, cloud storage services, databases and FTP servers.

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    Improve Data Quality

    Fix data quality issues in your data to improve the accuracy of your analytics.

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    Transform and Enrich

    Use 250+ transformations to transform, enrich and prepare your data to cater to your BI and analytics requirements without any coding.

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    Automate Processes

    Setup end-to-end pipelines to get data into your analytics applications. Monitor data pipelines for drop in data quality and get alerts.

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    Secure Data Sharing

    Collaborate securely with teams using role-based access controls. Ensure users can only access the data intended for them.

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    Catalog Data

    Classify and catalog data, mark datasets that are ready to be synced with your analytics or BI application.

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Tight integration with Zoho Analytics

Zoho DataPrep is tightly integrated with Zoho Analytics for you to quickly connect to the data in Zoho DataPrep and clean the data right inside Zoho Analytics.

  • Zoho DataPrep add-on for Analytics
  • Analytics connectors
Zoho DataPrep add-on for Analytics - Zoho DataPrep
Zoho Analytics integration - Zoho DataPrep

    "Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data."

    Bob Sullivan JD

    COO, Vector Solutions

    Prepare data for Analytics using Zoho DataPrep