Prepare and Warehouse Data

Build resilient end-to-end data pipelines connecting multiple siloed data sources to the data warehouse of your organization, with an easy-to-maintain no-code platform.

Data preparation for data warehousing - Zoho DataPrep

Build pipelines to data warehouse from multiple sources

Collect, collate, process and share data across your organization securely with Zoho DataPrep.

  • Collect data

    Get a 360° view of data generated across teams in your organization, such as engineering, marketing, sales and other departments.

  • Collate and process

    Zoho DataPrep analyzes your data as soon as it enters the system and generates data quality charts at each step of the data preparation process.

  • Track and Reuse

    Save all data transformations applied to your data as a ruleset template. Reuse the template and apply the same set of steps in other datasets.

  • Targeted data preparation

    Set a target for your dataset and transform the data to match with the data structure of the destination.

  • Collaborate and catalog

    Collaborate with your peers during the data preparation process using role-based access controls. Catalog your data using tags and mark it ready for consumption to let others know that the data is prepped and ready for use.

Prepare data for warehousing - Zoho DataPrep
Data warehouse solutions - Zoho DataPrep
Track & reuse data - Zoho DataPrep
Automated data warehousing - Zoho DataPrep
Secure data warehousing solutions - Zoho DataPrep

Collect and clean data before warehousing

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    Multiple Sources

    Import data into Zoho DataPrep from a variety of sources including files, REST APIs, cloud storage services, databases and FTP servers.

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    Improve Data Quality

    Fix data quality issues in your data to improve the efficiency of your data lake.

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    Transform and Enrich

    Use 250+ transformations to transform, enrich and prepare your data to cater to your data warehousing requirements without any coding.

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    Automate Processes

    Setup end-to-end pipelines to get data into your data warehouse. Monitor data pipelines for drop in data quality and get alerts.

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    Secure Data Sharing

    Collaborate with teams securely using role-based access controls. Ensure users can only access the data intended for them.

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    Catalog Data

    Classify and catalog data, mark datasets that are ready to be synced with your data warehouse.


Data warehouse connectors in Zoho DataPrep

 Amazon Redshift
 Amazon RDS
 Microsoft Azure
 Google Cloud SQL
IBM Cloud
 Heroku PostgresSQL
 Rackspace Cloud
 Amazon Athena
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"Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data"

Bob Sullivan JD

COO, Vector Solutions

Onboard and warehouse data using Zoho DataPrep