Add-ons and Integrations

Sales & Marketing

  • Boost revenue and engage your team with captivating sales contests. Read More

  • Keep track of campaign results within Zoho CRM and grow your business with Email Marketing Read More

  • Use Zoho Survey with Zoho CRM to send surveys, analyze results and increase customer retention from CRM Read More

  • Turn website visitors into potential customers with real-time visitor tracking and increased sales conversionsRead More

  • Contact Info Extractor - Parse the contact details from any Chrome tab into Zoho CRM in just a click Read More

  • Engage with prospects, generate leads, and track revenue from your social media marketing efforts.Read More

  • Understand the entire lifecycle of customer by integrating Zoho CRM with Amity.Read More

  • Use WordPress integration to capture Leads from forms/post and sync Contacts from user registrationsRead More

  • Automatically capture Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Potentials from Joomla website to your Zoho CRM accountRead More

  • Capture pulls and enhances contact information from anywhere on the web, directly into Zoho CRM making sales, marketing and recruiting tasks simple, efficient, and fast.Read More

  • Automatically import Contacts from Zoho CRM to MailChimp and keep track of the email marketing campaigns within Zoho CRMRead More

  • Engage your prospects and manage their entire business processes with marketing automation connected to CRM Read More

  • Automatically import leads and contacts from Zoho CRM to Contactology’s email marketing app in just a few clicksRead More

  • Use GetResponse integration for Zoho CRM to seamlessly add your Zoho contacts to GetResponse campaigns Read More

  • Manage customer information and create targeted online campaigns with SimplyCast integration for Zoho CRMRead More

  • Convert more Leads into customers with optimized landing pages and build a high-converting landing page Read More

  • Create a contact webform with Wufoo and automatically turn those Contacts into Leads in Zoho CRMRead More

  • Sync data to and from Zoho CRM Leads, Contacts, and Potentials to other popular systems on the web Read More

  • Use Jotform integration to seamlessly build and maintain relationships with your website visitorsRead More

  • Connect Zoho CRM with 50+ popular apps. MailChimp, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Xero, Wufoo, Zendesk, Trello, Slack, Gmail and more.Read More

Business Productivity

  • Share documents, spreadsheets and presentations within Zoho CRM Read More

  • Use Zoho Sheets integration to view and edit CRM data in Zoho Sheet

  • Use this integration to link Zoho CRM data with Zoho Creator Read More

  • Create and share mail merge documents on-the-fly with Zoho Writer integration Read More

  • Use Zoho Projects integration to manage projects contextually within Zoho CRM Read More

  • Create sales funnels, know your win/loss rates, make sales predictions, and gauge your sales team's performance with Zoho Reports integration Read More

  • Get all your customer emails inside Zoho CRM with this integrationRead More

  • Use the Zoho People integration to track the time spent by your sales reps on customer accountsRead More

  • Spend more time capturing leads and less time recording expenses with Zoho Expense integrationRead More

  • Integrates your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Zoho CRM Read More

  • Avoid manual documentation and Mail Merge documents instantly Read More

  • Better way to track notes with CloudWork's connector for Zoho CRM and Evernote Read More

  • Collaborate, communicate and share information directly from Zoho CRM with Google Apps IntegrationRead More

  • Retrieve your emails from Gmail within your Zoho CRM account in just a few clicksRead More

  • Connect to Google Drive and attach documents from Google Docs into Zoho CRMRead More

  • Document Analytics in your CRM account with Pandadoc Integration for Zoho CRM Read More

  • Create and manage sales proposals for small business teams and solopreneurs Read More

  • The Zoho CRM Excel Add-In allows you to connect with live Zoho CRM account data, directly from Microsoft Excel. A perfect tool for import, export, updates, data cleansing and de-duplication, Excel-based data analysis, and more. Read More

Customer Service & Support

  • Keep track of support tickets from your customers in CRM Read More

  • Launch web conferences with CRM Contacts Read More

  • Group chat and IM with CRM users Read More

  • integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • ClickDesk live chat integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • HelpOnClick live chat integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • Know who is on your website even before you start a chat

Social Media

  • Associate Twitter profiles and engage customers from within CRM Read More

  • Associate Facebook profiles and engage customers from within CRM Read More

  • Enables you to connect LinkedIn social data to your Zoho CRM account. Read More


  • View and monitor invoices related to customers from CRM using Zoho Invoice integration Read More

  • Use Zoho Books integration to view and monitor invoices related to customers within your Zoho CRM account Read More

  • Automate your entire process of inventory and order management by integrating Zoho inventory with Zoho CRM. Read More

  • Import customer contacts from Zoho CRM and manage their subscriptions effortlessly with Zoho SubscriptionsRead More

  • Automate your Sales Quotes and save time on the quoting process with Socket App for Zoho CRMRead More

  • Deeply integrate your ZohoCRM with AccountingSuite to improve the collaboration between your sales team, accounting, operations and have 360°view of your customers.Read More

  • APPSeCONNECT connects Zoho CRM with SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP systems; synchronizing leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.Read More


  • Use RingCentral Integration to offer better customer experience while receiving or making phone calls inside Zoho CRM. Read More

  • Combine Promero’s advanced call center software features, multi-channel, power dialer with Zoho CRM. Read More

  • Combine the power of CRM with call centers and build better relationship with customers with Ringio integrationRead More

  • Improve call efficiency, enrich your CRM data and provide a more personalized experience to your customers Read More

  • Perform all your communication activities from within Zoho CRM in a non-intrusive way with Ozonetel Integration Read More

  • Use Twilio integration to effectively manage the organization’s incoming and outgoing calls inside Zoho CRM Read More

  • Use gUnify Integration to enable automatic call tracking and logging from Google Apps to Zoho CRM Read More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for AvayaRead More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for AsteriskRead More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Elastix Read More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Callinize Read More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Knowlarity Read More

  • CloudCall allows you to make calls, record, log, categorize and replay calls directly from Zoho CRM. Read More


  • Integrations by Zapier for Zoho CRM Read More

  • Applicant Tracking System with CRM Read More

  • Integrations by OneSaas for Zoho CRM Read More

  • Keep your ZohoCRM contacts in sync with your marketing and boost your sales by accessing campaign results in your CRM Read More

  • Back up, manage, or integrate your Zoho CRM with other data sources completely without coding in Skyvia Read More

  • Microsoft Excel Add-in to connect to Zoho CRM data, instantly refresh data in Excel workbooks, edit it as usual spreadsheet, and save it back to Zoho CRM Read More

  • Performance-optimized SSIS Data Flow Source, Lookup, and Destination components for Zoho CRM Read More

  • Azuqua is the most powerful way for anyone to connect Zoho CRM to other cloud application without relying on IT resources. With Azuqua, you can automate manual tasks, keep critical data up-to-date, and notify users of required action. Read More

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