Add-ons and Integrations

Zoho CRM offers Add-ons for the third-party Office, Productivity and Collaboration software that improves your efficiency while working with sales leads, prospects and customers. In addition, you can use the Developer API to integrate other business applications with Zoho CRM.

Sales &

  • Grow your business with Email Marketing Read More

  • Send surveys, analyze results and increase customer retention from CRM Read More

  • Turn website visitors into potential customers Read More

  • Contact Info Extractor - Parse the contact details from any Chrome tab into Zoho CRM in just a click Read More

  • Use WordPress integration to capture Leads from forms/post and sync Contacts from user registrations.Read More

  • Automatically capture leads, contacts and potentials from Joomla website to Zoho CRM.Read More

  • Import Contacts from Zoho CRM to MailChimp Read More

  • Engage your prospects and customers with marketing automation connected to CRM Read More

  • Import Contacts from Zoho CRM to Contactology Read More

  • Seamlessly add your Zoho contacts to GetResponse campaigns Read More

  • SimplyCast integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • Convert More Leads into Customers with Optimized Landing Pages Read More

  • Use Wufoo webform to generate leads in CRM Read More

  • Sync data to and from Zoho CRM to other popular systems on the web Read More

  • Build and Maintain Relationships with your website vistors with JotFormRead More


  • Share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your Sales and Marketing team Read More

  • View and edit CRM data in Zoho Sheet Read More

  • Link CRM data with Zoho Creator Read More

  • Use CRM data to create mail merge documents on-the-fly Read More

  • Manage projects contextually within Zoho CRM Read More

  • Get your customer emails inside Zoho CRM Read More

  • Integrates your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Zoho CRM Read More

  • Save time. Mail Merge documents instantly Read More

  • Better way to track notes with CloudWork's connector for Zoho CRM and Evernote Read More

  • Collaborate, communicate and share information directly from Zoho CRM Read More

  • Retrieve your emails from Gmail within your CRM Read More

  • Attach documents from Google Docs Read More

  • Document Analytics in Zoho CRM Read More

Customer Service
& Support

  • Keep track of support tickets from your customers in CRM Read More

  • Launch web conferences with CRM Contacts Read More

  • Group chat and IM with CRM users Read More

  • integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • ClickDesk live chat integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • HelpOnClick live chat integration with Zoho CRM Read More

  • Know who is on your website even before you start a chat Read More

Social Media

  • Associate Twitter profiles and engage customers from within CRM Read More

  • Associate Facebook profiles and engage customers from within CRM Read More


  • View and monitor invoices related to customers from CRM Read More

  • Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Books Read More

  • Automate your Sales Quotes with Socket App for Zoho CRM Read More


  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Ringio Read More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Twilio Read More

  • Automatically log VOIP phone calls from Google Apps to CRM Read More

  • Improve call efficiency, enrich your CRM data and provide a more personalized experience to your customers Read More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for AvayaRead More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for AsteriskRead More

  • Zoho PhoneBridge for Elastix Read More


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