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Zoho CRM is 50 Telephony partnerships strong.

With 50 native telephony integrations, the Zoho CRM team is proud to offer their customers the freedom of picking their favorite phone provider to integrate with their CRM....

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Zoho CRM 2018: Rewind with us!


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Need help? Ask Zia.

Often, while wondering what, how, or even when to do something, we wish someone would just TELL us the answer. Zia has those answers, at least...

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Lead Generation on Twitter – 10 Steps to Grow Your Business

Twitter is where conversations happen. With a mammoth 336 million monthly active users, Twitter reigns as one of the most popular platforms for microblogging. Twitter is...

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Empower your business with the CRM-telephony integration

This is a guest post by Dmitri Tokar, Chief Marketing Officer at Zadarma, one of Zoho’s telephony partners. Businesses have been quick to appreciate the cost savings...

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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Detect Anomalies

CRMs can help you identify deviations and stay on track, using machine learning. Every business report is made up of a rollercoaster of trends. Your...

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How to blend the art of cold calling with a multi-channel business strategy

This is a guest blog by Esben Keim, the Head of Business Development and Strategy at Zisson Wave. Sales processes are going digital and with new technology comes new...

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Give your team the power to make smarter business decisions.

With the volume of business data doubling almost every year, and as CRM adoption continues unhindered, businesses are finding themselves with more and more data every day....

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6 Practical Ways to Improve Sales By Automating Your CRM Workflows

This is a guest post by Neha Batra, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Ozonetel Communications. The question: Why automate? The answer: To maximize results...

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Frugal marketing — how SMEs can use social media for sales.

Having a strong social media presence and fostering an active community of followers is imperative for sustainable success. However, one does not achieve fame overnight;...

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