10 most popular Zoho CRM integrations of 2020

The verdict is in! Our users have spoken, and here’s a list of the most popular Zoho CRM integrations of 2020. Check out these 10 tried, tested, and loved sales tools that can help you bring your A-game, boost productivity, and rake in sales to maximize your results in 2021.

#1 WhatsApp Web

Engage with customers where they’re most comfortable. Initiate WhatsApp chats with leads and customers right from Zoho CRM.

#2 SMS-Magic 

Attract, engage, and retain more business with bi-directional messaging. Deliver the personal touch your customers expect with context from prior conversations.

#3 Mailchimp

Up your email marketing game and improve conversion rates with information on how your subscribers are responding to your campaigns.

#4 LinkedIn Finder

Save time and easily find contact information for leads and contacts on LinkedIn by running a simple search.

#5 Shopify

Keep track of the purchases your customers make right from Zoho CRM, by simply adding your Shopify customers as contacts in Zoho CRM.

#6 Google Drive

Easily collaborate with leads and customers on documents. Sync, share, access, and manage files associated with Zoho CRM records.

#7 Facebook Adverts Manager

Stay on top of your Facebook advertising by piping data from your Facebook campaigns straight into Zoho CRM.

#8 ClickSend SMS

Drive customer acquisition and retention by engaging with customers and prospects through SMS campaigns or personalized one-on-one messages.

#9 Dropbox

Eliminate the need for back-and-forth email conversations by creating, sharing, and editing documents on the cloud.

#10 DocuSign

Reduce the turnaround time for getting signatures by giving users secure access to sign documents and complete approvals and agreements from anywhere.

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