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You can publish any component (Form, Report or Page) in your Zoho Creator Application, or embed it in your website, blog, etc. Publishing a component makes it public, i.e., a user will not need a Zoho Creator account to access the component. For publishing and embedding a Page, Zoho Creator provides the below two URLs -

  • Publish URL - This is the Page’s permalink, using which the Page can be publicly accessed.
  • Embed URL - This is the URL which you would need to embed a Page in your website, blog, etc.

Note: To publish a Page, you need to ensure that the Forms and/or Reports embedded in it are also published.

Publish and Embed Pages

To publish or embed a Page,

  1. Open your Application's Dashboard -> Pages tab. Click on the required Page as shown below.

  2. Click Settings on the top right side. From the menu items that appear, select the option Publish as shown below.

  3. A pop-up window titled "Publish" will open. To proceed with publishing your Page, click Publish as shown below.

  4. In the same pop-up window, the Publish URL will be displayed as shown below.

    Click on the Embed URL button to get your Page's Embed URL as shown below.

Publish URL format:<app_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/page-perma/<page_link_name>/<key>

Embed URL format:

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='<app_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/page-embed/<page_link_name>/<key>'></iframe>


<app_owner_name> is the Zoho user-name of the app's owner 
<app_link_name>is the Link Name of the Zoho Creator app
<page_link_name>is the Link Name of the Page (that has been published) 
<key> is a string of characters that Zoho Creator generates, which enables the Page to be publicly accessible

Unpublish Page

As mentioned above, you publish a Page so as to make it publicly accessible. However, you may find the need to revoke this public access. For this,

  1. Navigate to the required Page and click the Settings -> Publish option as described in steps 1 and 2 of Publish and Embed Pages.
  2. A pop-up window titled "Publish" will open. To proceed with un-publishing your Page, click Unpublish as shown below.

Make changes to a published Page

You may find the need to make changes to a Page that you have published. These changes could be anything from editing the HTML, CSS used, or something related to the Forms, Reports embedded in the Page.

Any change that is made to a published Page, reflects immediately. A user accessing the published Page needs to just reload it to see the changes.

Points to Remember

  • If the Page you wish to publish has any components (Forms, Reports) embedded in it, you must publish the components individually as well. Else, an error message will be displayed when you access the published Page. Refer - Publish and Embed Forms and Publish and Embed Reports to know how to publish Forms and Reports, respectively.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) users make sure you DO NOT have the following setting in your website, to ensure proper loading of embedded Pages.
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8">
  • To prompt for login in embedded Pages, you need to remove the <key> part from the Embed URL, and replace zohopublic with zoho. Refer this page to know more.
  • The number of components (Forms, Reports and Pages) that you can publish in your Zoho Creator apps is limited on the account-level. Refer this page to know more. Visit this page to know your Zoho Creator account's usage details.

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