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You can publish any component (Form, Report or Page) in your Zoho Creator Application, or embed it in your website/blog. Publishing a component makes it public, i.e., a user will not need a Zoho Creator account to access the component. For publishing and embedding a Report, Zoho Creator provides the below two URLs -

  • Publish URL - This is the Report's permalink, using which the Report can be publicly accessed.
  • Embed URL - This is the URL which you would need to embed a Report in your website, blog, etc.

You can also customize the look and feel of the published/embedded Reports, so as to match it with your website, blog, etc.

Publish and Embed Reports

To publish or embed a Report,

  1. Navigate to Report Settings -> Publish (as shown below).

    Alternatively, you may also open your Application's Dashboard -> Reports tab, and click on Publish for the required Report (as shown below).

  2. On the next screen, click Publish.

  3. You will now see the Publish URL, as indicated below. You may note that a preview of the Report is displayed in the centre of the screen.

  4. Next to the Publish URL, you will see the Embed URL, as indicated below. You may note that a preview of the Report is displayed in the centre of the screen.

Publish URL Format:<app _owner_name>/<app_link_name>/view-perma/<report_link_name>/<key>

Embed URL Format:

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='<app _owner_name>/<app_link_name>/view-embed/<report_link_name>/<key>'></iframe>


<app_owner_name>  is the Zoho user-name of the application's owner
<app_link_name> is the Link Name of the Zoho Creator application 
<report_link_name> is the Link Name of the Report  
<key>  is a string of characters that Zoho Creator generates, which enables the Report to be publicly accessible 

Embed URL Example:

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='<key>'></iframe>

Remove Publish

As mentioned above, you Publish a Report to make it publicly accessible. However, you may find the need to revoke this, i.e., make your Report restrictedly accessible again. For this,

  1. Open the Report Settings -> Publish tab of the required Report.
  2. As shown below, click the Remove Publish button.

    A dialog will pop up, asking you to confirm your action. As shown below, click Yes to proceed with un-publishing your Report.

Make changes to a published Report

You may find the need to make changes to a Report that you have published. These could be anything from simply re-arranging the Columns displayed to applying Grouping and Sorting, etc.

You can make such changes the same way you would to a Report in general, and they will reflect immediately. You just need to access the Publish URL again, or reload the published Report. You do not have to Publish your Report again.

Customize published and embedded Reports

As shown in the below screenshot, the customizations that can be made to a published or embedded Report are categorized into 3 sections - Header &FooterMenu Bar, and Record Permissions.

Note: After making the required changes in any of the below given, unless you Publish your Report again, the changes made will not reflect when the Report's Publish URL is accessed.
  1. Header & Footer - Header is the top strip in the Report, which contains the Report's Display Name. The Footer is the bottom strip in the Report. You can,
    • Show/Hide the Header and Footer of the Report;
    • Specify a color for the Header, Border and Group Header.

    As you select the colors, you will be able to preview how it looks on your Report. In the below image, the Header color has been set with a color (light blue), and the same is visible on the Report's header.

  2. Menu Bar - Here you can configure to show/hide the below given options:
    • Menu Bar
    • Print Records 
    • Record Print (right click) 
    • Export Records
    • Record Search
    • Record Sum
    • Record Selection
    • Filter
    • Column menu
    • Record Limit
    • Page Navigation
    • View Record

    Note: The options - Print Records, Record Print (right click) and View Record are not applicable for Spreadsheet and Grid Reports.

  3. Record Permissions - Using this section you can define what all can be done in a published or embedded Report. You can configure to show/hide the below given options:
    • Add Record
    • Edit Record
    • Bulk Edit Record
    • Duplicate Record
    • Save record
    • Delete record
  • Internet Explorer users make sure you DO NOT have the following setting in your website, to ensure proper loading of embedded Reports.
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8">
  • To prompt for login in embedded Reports, you need to remove the <key> part from the Embed URL and replace zohopublic with zoho. Refer this page.

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