Zoho Creator for G Suite

Zoho Creator for G Suite 


Zoho Creator for G Suite enables easy access of Zoho Creator applications for G Suite users. If your organization is using G Suite, you can install Zoho Creator service into your organization's G Suite account to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place. The high-level points of Zoho Creator for G Suite are as following:

  • Log in to Zoho Creator using your G Suite credentials.
  • Import all G Suite users, and present them as a picklist in your Zoho Creator Form.
  • Upload files from Google docs to Zoho Creator.
  • Monitor emails sent to Google groups and create tickets automatically.
  • Create Application from Google Spreadsheet.
  • Import data into existing Form/Report from Google Spreadsheet.
  • Share the Zoho Creator applications with your organization's G Suite users, user groups and external users.

Graphical Explanation

The following diagram provides a conceptual outline of how Zoho Creator integrates with G Suite:

Things to Know

Availability: Stable.
Edition: Professional, Enterprise, Professional Express and Enterprise Express.
Synopsis: Integrate Zoho Creator with Google account to fetch data from the latter and create applications and share them using the fetched data.

Use case Scenario

Let's assume we have to migrate sales related data from a Google account into a Zoho Creator Application, and sales related activities have to be assigned to existing users in the G Suite account. To do this, files present in Google Docs can be uploaded in a Zoho Creator form using a File Upload field type with browse option set as Google Docs. If sales related statistics are present in a spreadsheet, we can simply import it into a Zoho Creator Application, instead of recreating the data. Zoho Creator also enables importing G Suite users using the GApps field and facilitates sharing the application with users and user groups in our Google account. Since users can be imported, performing actions like selecting and assigning tasks to users can be achieved easily.

Flow of Execution

The image below provides the flow of activating Zoho Creator for G Suite and integrating the two to create and maintain an application: 

Activate Zoho Creator for your G Suite domain

If you are an Administrator of a G Suite account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your G Suite account providing required details like your domain name and admin email address and password of the domain.
  2. Click on , scroll down and click on . You will be directed to G Suite Marketplace.
  3. Search for Zoho Creator in the search bar.

  1. Click on INSTALL APP for Zoho Creator to be installed in your G Suite Account.

After successful installation, Zoho Creator will be listed in your Account. You along with your G Suite users will now be able to access Zoho Creator from Google's universal navigation bar.


  • Only the administrator of G Suite domain who first access the Zoho Creator account after installation, will be assigned the role of "administrator".
  • All other administrators and users can access only the application shared by the first administrator. They will be configured as either "Developer" or "User" in the administrator account.
  • If the other administrator or user is configured as a "developer", they can create application in administrators account.
  • If the other administrator or user in this domain already have application in their account, it will not be listed in their "Home page". They can either move their applications to the administrator account or move it to any of their other personal account.

Import G Suite users to Zoho Creator

G Suite users with Administrator privilege can add users from G Suite to Zoho Creator using "Gapps" field type listed under "Advanced Fields". This field would be of great value for applications that are closely built around team collaboration needs. Please find the steps given below to add G Suite users to your Zoho Creator form:

  1. Drag and drop the GApps field type to your form.

This field provides you a choice to display the username, emailid or role, as shown in the screen-shot given below. 

  1. Select the required choice and click on Done, to add the field to your form. When you acces the application, you will find that the GApps user field displays the G Suite user names, email id or role, as per the choice selected above. 


  • For new accounts created after April 2014,
    • Gapps 'users' field is not supported.
    • Domain sharing is not supported.

Upload Files from Google Docs

Zoho Creator enables G Suite users to upload files from Google Docs to Zoho Creator. The hassle of downloading can be avoided and you can have instant access to view your files from Zoho Creator. Google Docs enables users to create, edit, share and manage Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations on the Internet and work together in real time. Zoho Creator strives to make cloud computing a better experience and the integration with Google Docs gives you a better way to share documents to your Creator records. To upload files from G Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop the File Upload field type to your form. The browse options to upload files from local computer, Zoho Docs or Google Docs will be displayed.
  2. Select the Google Docs option.

  1. Click on Done to add the file upload field to your form. When you access application, the file upload field will display the browse options as configured above. 
  2. Select Google Docs.
  3. Click on Browse. The Attach from Google Docs pop-up appears. 
  4. Select the required document(s), spreadsheet(s) or presentation(s) and click OK. The selected file will be uploaded to Zoho Creator.

Email Data (Form Alias Email Id )

Zoho Creator can monitor emails sent to Google groups and create tickets automatically, using the Form alias email id. To fetch an email sent to your google group in Zoho Creator form, follow these steps:

  1. Create form with two fields ZC_Subject and ZC_Content and make the form public. Refer the following image of an example form.
  2. Navigate to Form Settings -> General where the default Form email address will be displayed. You can send form data to your personalized G Suite email address instead of this default email id generated by Zoho Creator. To do this, send an email to support@zohocreator.com specifying the email address. The Form email address will be updated by our support team, and it will be displayed along with a link to remove the personalized email address in future.
  3. Add the default "****@forms.zohocreator.com" email address as a forward email address for your specified G Suite email address. Any emails forwarded to the Zoho Creator email address will get added as record in the Zoho Creator form. Refer the help topic Email data for more details on the email data feature.

Create applications from Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms

Zoho Creator enables G Suite users to create applications in Zoho Creator by importing data from Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms. Please refer this Help topic for more information.

Import Data into an existing Form/Report from Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms

Zoho Creator enables G Suite users to import data into existing forms and views in a Zoho Creator application, from Google Spreadsheet.Please refer this Help topic for more information.

Share Application with G Suite users and groups

The administrator who creates the Zoho Creator account in his G Suite domain will be able to share the application with G Suite users and user groups in the domain. The Share tab displays the layout of the application on the left-side with the forms and views arranged under each tab, as shown in the screen-shot below. Refer the topic Customize Look and Feel to customize the layout of your application as tabbed layouts or as pane layouts. Zoho Creator enables the G Suite administrator to share the entire application or only specific forms and views in the application. The number of G Suite users with whom the application can be shared, depends on the subscription plan.

Share with G Suite users

Zoho Creator supports three levels of sharing your application with users. You can share the entire application (i.e) all forms/reports in the application, or share a page (i.e) all the forms and reports configured in a specific page/tab or only specific forms and reports in the application.

To share application with G Suite Users:

  1. Select the Share tab of your application. This will display the Share dialog, with the Invite tab enabled. If you are sharing your application for the first time, the message "This application is private. You have not shared this application with anyone" will be displayed.
  2. Select the required component from the Select Component tree, displayed on the left-side.
  3. Click on Select Users in Share with Users section to display the list of G Suite users in your domain.

The users in your domain will be listed as shown in the screen-shot given below. You can select specific users in the list or use the Select All check box to select all users in the list.

  1. Click on Add to add the selected users to the share dialog. The email addresses of the selected G Suite users will be listed in the Users text area as comma separated values. 

  1. Click on the Share to share the selected component with the users.


  • The administrator can also share an application with external users, outside of his domain. External users will have to login into Zoho Creator to access the application. If external users are not already logged in, the G Suite login will be displayed by default.

Share with groups in your G Suite domain

To share application with G Suite user groups:

  1. Click on Select Groups from the Share tab. The user groups in your domain will be listed. You can select specific user groups in the list or use the Select All check box to select all user groups in the list.
  2. Click on Add to add the selected user groups to the share dialog.

Share with all users in your G Suite domain (Domain Sharing)

This feature will enable the administrator to share his application with all users in the G Suite domain, with a single click.

To share with all domain users:

  1. Select the component to be shared and select the check-box Include all users in your domain in share dialog .
  2. Click Done.

On accessing the shared link, the domain user will be added to the Manager user list with active/inactive status, based on the pricing plan. If inactive, a message will be displayed informing the user to contact the application owner.

View Shared Details

  1. The Shared Details tab will display the number of shared users and groups for each component.
  2. You can click on the link displayed near each component to view the list of users and groups.

Manage Users

The G Suite administrator can add new users, delete existing users, activate or deactivate users and change roles from the Manage Users link displayed in the Share tab. By default, a user will be added with role as "User". If you'd like to change the Role of an existing user to Developer or vice versa, hover the cursor on the required user and click on the required role.

Difference between Admin, User and Developer

RoleDefinitionWhat he can do
AdministratorIs the first administrator who creates the Zoho Creator account in G Suite domain
  • Create applications in G Suite domain
  • Share application with G Suite users and manage users
  • Create and edit other developer's applications in the G Suite domain
  • Permit the developer to edit any of his applications. He can configure this from the "Application Settings" dialog, by choosing the developer's ID from the Enable admin access to dropdown and click Save.
  • View Admin Home Page
DeveloperIs a shared user with role as developer
  • Create applications in G Suite domain.
  • Edit applications if the administrator provides edit permissions for the same.
  • View Developer Home page
UserIs a shared user with role as User
  • Can access the shared application or specific Forms and Reports in the application.
  • Cannot create or edit applications in the G Suite domain.
  • View User Home page

Zoho Creator Home Page

Admin Home Page
The administrator who logs into Zoho Creator using G Suite login will be able to create new applications in the domain, access all applications in the domain, manage users, upload logo, backup applications, view and change subscription plans.

Developer Home Page
A developer who logs in to Zoho Creator using G Suite login will be able to create and access applications from the My Apps link, access shared applications from the Shared Apps link displayed on the left-side of the Home page. 

User Home Page
Shared users with role as "user" will be able to access only applications shared by the administrator, from the Shared Apps link displayed on the left-side of the Home page. 

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