Simple video tutorials

to show you how to get things done using Zoho Creator's custom app builder.

Build your own custom application in under an hour


Learn about the different field types in Zoho Creator.


Zoho Creator Tutorials - Field Properties.


Zoho Creator Tutorials - Overview of Reports.


Zoho Creator Tutorials - Create Custom Reports.


 Zoholics Presentations

Watch the recorded presentations from our annual event, Zoholics Developers

Create an Application 1:24:50

Automation without Coding 53:23

Share Your Application 16:20

Introduction to Deluge 26:39

Making Smarter Forms 1:17:46

Schedule Actions in Your Application 36:32

Bundling Your Code with Creator Functions 42:27

Synthesis & Discussion 25:49

Listen to the customers, the CEO and the Chief Evangelist

Event testimonials

Zoholics Developers attendees share their experience about our event. 3:35

Keynote by the CEO

We have simplified everything for you. 21:50

The power of Zoho

A tightly integrated suite of apps for running your business hassle-free 20:20

Building your first app

The journey from a requirement to an App

Turn your ideas into a business app 38:37

Getting started with Zoho Creator

A 45 minute overview on how to create your first app 38:34

Exploring Zoho Creator

Learn about 10 hidden features of Zoho Creator 19:46

The scripting language, Deluge and building an advanced app

Introduction To DELUGE

The need for a language in a DIY app builder 29.26

Advanced App building

Build apps on Zoho Creator using its advanced features 20:09

A deep dive into Deluge

Building workflows using Deluge to leverage the full power of Zoho Creator 18:17

Integrations with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator for your subscription based workflows

Integrating Zoho Subscriptions with Zoho Creator 32:17

Unlocking data silos with powerful integrations 23:38

Optimising performance

Getting the best out of your app and the Zoho Creator platform 20:35