What is the democratization of technology?

Democratizing technology is the process by which tools and expertise, both business and technical, are made accessible to every individual. The hardest problems that were once solved using supercomputers owned by major corporations now being solved on personal handheld devices is an example of how far technology has come. The ease of access to technology and the internet has empowered citizens to traverse paths that were once unknown to them.

Democratizing business IT

Business IT refers to the process of using information technology to enhance business capabilities and market competence. The demand for such a process is always high, but more often than not, it stalls due to the lack of a skilled workforce in the organization. Addressing this gap has been critical to analysts and strategists.

The concept of democratizing business IT is rooted in the fact that business use cases and workflows are best understood by the business users themselves. Thus, this calls for a change in the age-old concept of assembling specific teams to perform specific duties.

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Low-code aids technology democratization

The advent of low-code no-code (LCNC) platforms has proved that developers might not be the only option for running the IT show within organizations. From business users developing apps to developers becoming data analysts, low-code platforms have aided tremendously in democratizing technology. Here's how:

Citizen development

is a trend where companies use LCNC platforms so that business users, who have zero app-building expertise, are equipped and trained to develop applications on their own. IT then serves a supervisory role, and these line-of-business users, also called citizen developers, build applications suiting the requirements they're most knowledgeable of.

Freedom to innovate

The scope for innovation is always broad with LCNC platforms. In the ultimate stage of democratization, where everyone is familiar with the development process, even the smallest of workflows can be automated. This can lead to a complete digital transformation and result in industry-wide innovations.

Business-IT collaboration

A lack of business-IT collaboration often results in shadow IT—applications built and/or implemented without meeting IT standards. This is often a byproduct of IT backlogs and the lack of a skilled workforce. LCNC platforms are IT-compliant and can prevent shadow IT in organizations. This results in an accelerated go-to-market strategy through easy reusability of approved components by business users.

Democratizing technology with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code multiplatform application builder from the Zoho business suite. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which offers an array of no-code, low-code, and pro-code features. Deluge—Zoho’s online scripting language—with its guided scripting and cross-platform integrations, powers Zoho Creator in its journey to democratize technology.

Here’s why businesses across the globe choose Zoho Creator:

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Short learning curve

No-code features like point-and-click, visual workflow designers, and data imports make the learning curve more shallow and help technology democratization.

All-in-one visual builder

A visually appealing drag-and-drop interface lets you build applications from scratch, without worrying about backend configurations. Powerful code, that can be understood by both business users and developers, is presented visually.

Zoho creatorZoho creator
Zoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creator

Future-proof your workplace

With over 14 years on the market, applications built on Zoho Creator are future-ready. This means smooth transitions for applications built on previous versions and configurations, and they can be scaled and optimized in a sustainable manner according to the latest software trends.

Integrate and extend at your convenience

From prebuilt integrations to powerful APIs, Zoho Creator works with a multitude of third-party services, as well as 45+ products from the Zoho suite. A unified platform with real-time data and updates can be built to break down silos.

Zoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creator
Zoho creator
Zoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creatorZoho creator

Prebuilt apps

Zoho Creator offers 60+ ready-to-use business apps which can be installed and customized for the web and handheld devices according to business requirements.

Hear from our customers

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"We believe the implementation of Zoho Creator and the changes it brought about at Anand and Anand is nothing short of a miracle, and speaks volumes about the platform and the spirit of our users. In an otherwise tough external environment, the Zoho Creator project was a morale and confidence booster for our team and the entire organization."
Rajiv MaheshwariCEO, Anand and Anand
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"Whatever the need, we can build, deploy, and sell it with a relatively tiny go-to-market timeline and cost model. It’s the ability to say to any client: “Yes, we can do that.” That’s a superpower."
Shelby SpencerCTO, Briotix Health
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the democratization of business IT?

Democratizing business IT refers to making technical and business expertise and IT tools available to every single individual in an organization. This helps enhance business capabilities and market competence.

How does Zoho Creator aid democratization?

Zoho Creator boasts a variety of low-code and no-code features that enhance visual application building. It's also powered by Deluge, one of the easiest scripting languages on the market, which facilitates the democratization of code through guided scripting.

What are the pricing plans available for Zoho Creator?

Based on the type and scale of use, Zoho Creator offers a variety of affordable pricing plans.Read more.