Top industries that benefit from white label software

Building software from the ground up takes up a lot of time and money; it's not an easy task. There are several disadvantages associated with conventional software development, when compared with recent technological advances.

Some of them are:

  • The need to enlist the help of skilled developers to develop the software for you. These subject matter experts (SMEs) are expensive. Traditional software houses often charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop your software.
  • Conventional software development approaches take a lot of time to bear fruit.
  • If you want to upgrade or customize the software, you'll have to again depend on SMEs.

Is there an alternative? A more efficient, quick, and affordable approach?


Acquire customizable software prebuilt for a specific use case, personalize it by rebranding it with your own branding elements, and then market it and sell it. That's software white labelling.

White labelled software is also called rebranded software.

What are the top industries that benefit from white label software?

Almost any industry in professional services can. Some examples of industries that benefit from white label software are:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) companies
  • Banking
  • Healthcare practices
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Billing
  • Fitness studios
  • Restaurants
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Real estate

Software as a service (SaaS) companies

Interestingly, most white label software is the product of a SaaS platform. What makes the scenario more intriguing is that you can use white label software in the same industry you develop it in.

Take, for example, a white labelled cloud-based employee management platform. You can rebrand this platform for each company using the company's name, icons, and branding kit, and the company's visuals.

Then any company can use this employee management platform. This is an example of a SaaS product, white labelled and then used in the same industry.

In the same way, an intranet portal for an enterprise can also be white labelled and used across companies. Each and every department of a SaaS enterprise has relevant use cases which can benefit from white label software.


This is a critical sector. The software needed for this domain needs to be secure, robust, scalable, accurate, and user-friendly.

When you begin developing banking software from scratch, you have to factor in all the above necessities. So if a third-party, like the provider of white label banking software, abstracts these core necessities away from you, wouldn't that be a benefit? Banking is a critical sector that can enormously benefit from this type of software. Some of the features of generic white label software for banking are payment gateways, fiduciary administration tools, and mobile applications.

Healthcare practices

a hospital management application from scratch, healthcare professionals can acquire healthcare software, rebrand it with their practice's logo and branding elements, and then use it for running their practice. White labelled software for healthcare practices is commonplace now.

What's more, this is much cheaper than conventional healthcare software. What used to cost millions before will now cost only a fraction of that.


Let's say you want to list your inventory online. Developing a website/application for monetizing your inventory from the ground up will be a long and protracted process that will also require heavy expenditures.

What if there was software whose appearance you could modify according to your company's branding theme? Now you can start your ecommerce enterprise right away, without coding for months or years.


Edtech is booming right now, with tons of companies out there coming up with courses on myriad topics. To publish their courses for consumption on the market, instead of developing a learning management system (LMS) from the ground up, they can acquire white labelled edtech software. After rebranding the software, courses can be quickly published and education houses can save time and effort.


Ticket booking software can be easily rebranded and white labelled. Earlier, travel companies needed to enlist the help of professional software developers to develop ticket booking software for them—but that's no longer the case. White label software has taken the place of custom travel software development. Once rebranded, a travel company can list its services with the software, hassle-free.

Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have a slew of advantages to gain from using this type of software. With rebranded nonprofit software, organizations can meet their typical needs, as there's significant crossover between NPOs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Some features pertinent to NPOs are funds management, financial tools, personnel management, taxation, and donor reach-outs and liaison initiatives. NPOs can easily acquire customizable rebrandable software, personalize it, and run their operations smoothly.


This is commonplace in retailers. Used for billing, these rebranded applications cost a fraction of custom supermarket billing software. They're also available readily, with numerous providers offering them at an affordable price. Any type of retail entity that relies on billing for products sold can benefit from rebranded software.

Fitness studios

Looking for gym management software? Why build one from scratch when you can readily white label it?

The requirements of fitness studio software are astonishingly simple. All you need is a system to keep track of subscriptions and payments made by the fitness studio users, along with a few other minor details. Instead of building one from scratch after investing a lump sum and an enormous amount of time, just rebrand software and run your fitness studio economically and seamlessly.


Restaurants have several universal requirements, such as reservation management, online ordering, inventory tracking, and employee management. Instead of requesting a software house to develop custom software for them, restaurants can go the rebranded route.

This software will have all the necessary features needed for the smooth functioning of a restaurant. Just choose customizable software which has the necessary requirements sorted out, rebrand it, and run your restaurant without a hitch.

Logistics and supply chain

With this software, getting things from point A to point B has never been simpler. Here are some typical requirements of logistics and supply chain companies:

  1. Keep track of inventory
  2. Track consignments
  3. Manage employees and personnel

The logistics and supply chain software offered by most white label software vendors today meets all the requirements mentioned above. All you need to do is just personalize the software by rebranding it. No coding required—which makes it an optimal choice for supply chain organizations.

Real estate

Eliminate the hassle of contacting and email looping potential tenants, buyers, or sellers. Premade white label software for real estate makes listing, buying, selling, and renting properties a walk in the park. Buy the software, white label it, list/view properties on it, and start addressing your real estate needs.

The benefits of white label software

White label software has revolutionized the way many industries use software to run their operations. They're more affordable than conventional software solutions and obtainable in a much shorter span of time. With this software, organizations can save money, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

As an organization grows and evolves, it can easily convey its new branding to its customers by simply changing the visual elements of the white labelled software it uses. This saves them the effort of going back to the drawing board whenever an organizational revamp occurs.

Moreover, the task of keeping the software up to date lies with the provider of the software. Whenever the supplier updates their software, you can cascade these updates down to your users without any effort, as the vendor takes care of it.

Economically, most white label software is subscription based, where you just have to pay a monthly or annual payment. This is more affordable for most organizations, compared to investing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to develop software. All these advantages make white label software an optimal choice for most organizational requirements today.

And if you want to read more, here's a blog outlining the top 4 benefits of using white label software.

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