Supply Chain

Break down silos in your supply chain

If you're a corporation that distributes on a global scale, your supply chains can become increasingly complex. Break down supply-chain silos with real-time collaboration and visibility across the network. Our online supply chain management application lets you optimize your supply chains, vendor relationships, and distribution channels. Now you can manage inventory, monitor operations, and measure multi-channel selling with the help of a single customisable tool.

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Elevate your game with Creator's supply chain software

  • Optimize inventory

    Inventory management is a distributor’s biggest pain point. Our supply chain app lets you maintain control over every unit of stock in your warehouses, without the need for an outdated clipboard accounting system. Add and update inventory details such as purchases, sales, and products sold on the go. Keep track of distributed stock, and schedule notifications about low stock levels.

  • Fast-track order handling

    Establish a smooth process flow, from issuing a sales quote to fulfilling an order. Track order statuses across the value chain with the help of unique IDs. With workflow automation and cross-channel integrations for end-to-end order fulfillment, you can save time and boost overall productivity across the board.

  • Accelerate inter-warehouse stock transfers

    Track the movement of goods with multi-warehouse inventory management. Set priorities at the product level, route orders based on available stock and generate reports for specific warehouses in seconds. Don’t let tedious middleman communication delay your shipments.

  • Monitor sales operations

    Always be in the know with a centralized hub to monitor and regulate your sales channels. Record details of every sale without hassle. And retailers can view sales records and invoice amounts for any transaction, as well as the amount receivable and existing balances.

  • Consolidate your contacts

    Maintain an online contact database to manage relationships with vendors, retailers, and contract manufacturers across your supply chain. Manage retailer details such as names, contact numbers, and email addresses, and easily access them using search filters, like location or shipment history.

  • Simplify bookkeeping

    Automate payment workflows and standardize accounting throughout the supply chain. Generate invoices automatically for every transaction with customers and suppliers, and email them with a single click. Easily record the billed amount, paid amount, credits, and the payment type, whether receivable or payable.

More than just a supply chain software. It's an end-to-end digitization platform

  • Customize

    All our apps are fully customizable, right out of the box. Coupled with our guided scripting feature, the drag-and-drop form builder allows you to add limitless functionality to your app. You can easily add modules to suit your business requirements—like fleet management and logistics—to work in perfect conjunction with the app.

  • Go mobile

    For every app you access on your computer, there's a fully optimized native one waiting for you on your smartphone. Enjoy all the features of your app wherever you go, and on any device. Get real-time visibility of your inventory and orders, while easily tracking sales, purchases, and demand information using the mobile app.

  • Integrate

    Integrate with a host of third-party e-commerce sites that synchronize with your inventory and automatically update information based on orders fulfilled. Zoho Creator features integrations with a host of major software solutions, like G Suite, Zapier, and Salesforce, to ensure seamless connectivity between your various productivity applications.

Install, customize and make this supply chain management software yours