CRM Applications for Salesforce

Having an efficient CRM application will never make a happy ending. There are a few things a CRM software application was never meant to be able to do, but could add tremendous value to your business. Or, the CRM application you are using might be a generic one with plenty of features, but still not have that one feature that changes the way you do business. What you need is a custom application platform that works seamlessly with your CRM system, puts your CRM data to good use, and bridge gaps. What you need is Zoho Creator, now even better with Zoho CRM, the smartest CRM application around.

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Suited for Sales applications and Marketing applications:

Sales applications and marketing applications are essential to leverage the data residing on your CRM application.

A robust CRM application is inevitable to your business. It might perform its job in good fashion, that you might do just fine without any custom apps. But when you deploy custom applications around your CRM data, you can do a whole lot more, and be more efficient. Sales applications and marketing applications for very custom requirements can leverage the data residing on your CRM application, even more efficiently if it is Zoho CRM. A sales commission calculator or a simple survey application customized to suit a particular type of customers can be a huge benefit in terms of time and efficiency. Custom applications guarantee quick access to quality data, from wherever you are.

For example, here are some of the critical needs of a sales / marketing person, and the application on Zoho Creator that takes care of this hassle.

  • Sales commission - Custom Commission Calculator
  • Travel expense reimbursement - Travel Management Application
  • Track spending on campaigns - Campaign Monitor application
  • Access to reseller details in a region - Reseller portal

Salesforce Apps- Benefits

With the integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator just getting better by the day, you have a lot to look forward to. Our foremost goal is automation of processes, so that you need not go for a separate sales automation software or a marketing automation software. You can build a variety of custom applications around your CRM application, resulting in a robust CRM e-Business ecosystem.


Build Custom Apps for your CRM

Zoho Creator is now integrated with Zoho CRM, the smartest CRM around.

More power to your CRM is now here. Go on and build a wide range of custom apps around your CRM and get more out of your CRM.

Zoho Creator's intuitive drag and drop interface lets you do just that, on your own.

What can Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM do to your business?

In a dog-eat-dog business world, just a CRM solution to take care of your customer relationship related activities may fall just short of being the ideal solution. What you need, in addition to your super power CRM solution, is a bundle of customized business applications that cater to your specific needs and help you manage the other aspects of your business. Zoho Creator is a platform when you can build such applications in minutes. With its simple drag and drop interface, Zoho Creator is loved by experts and novices alike. Read on to find out more on how this intergration can help you.

New to Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is the easiest and fastest way to build custom applications on your own, online.  Watch a Video

New to Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM offers you a complete customer relationship management - Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and more...  Zoho

Apps that you can build around your CRM

The backbone of this integration, is making CRM data available inside your business apps. Business applications can be built around any specific need or situation.

For a Sales person

While Zoho CRM can monitor your leads, contacts and accounts, Zoho Creator can help you build CRM applications from basic stuff like Registrationfor a Customer interation session all the way upto a full fledged travel tracker application that can inculde business rules to manage all travel related requests and approvals. And if you are a manager.. go on and build that comission calculator app. Your sales people are happy and the cash registers are ringing . What more can you ask for?

For a Marketing Person

CRM helps you keep with the different aspects of your campaign monitoring, lead generation etc. But surely there is no easier or better way to keep track of all your Adwords spending .. campaign returns, marketing contact interations etc. You can go on and build apps to schedule your mass emails and lead generation activities. Explore Zoho Creator and learn more about the applications that you can build.

If you are your own CEO

You have to do all this and more. Areas like customer support, inventory management service management can turn tricky in minutes. Tackle each one of these with the ease of a pro - arm yourself with the expertise and the flexibility of Zoho Creator Apps. Its really non programmer friendly!