Get a personalized view of what's happening in your organization. Share your thoughts, receive updates from co-workers, and make your workplace a more interactive one.

Company Wall

An exclusive space to share and receive all company-level updates, be it the opening of new facilities or the sales figures for the last quarter, or messages from the CEO.


Bring employees on the same page on important updates. Whether it's within your team or for the entire company, pin announcements on top of the feed so everyone keeps track of what's important.


Find out what's on employees' minds by running a poll and getting real time results on what they think is the best idea or solution.

Mandatory Reads

Flag content as mandatory so employees or team members can read and acknowledge it. Keep track and send reminders to ensure that no critical information goes unnoticed.

Schedule Posts

Plan and make sure the right content reaches employees at the right time by scheduling them. This is especially useful to bring relevant information to employees in different time zones or those working in shifts.


Give employees the space to clarify their doubts, ask and learn from other members. Employees can upvote answers and choose the best one to appear on top of all others.

Pin Posts

Make sure that important communications are not missed out by pinning them on top of all other posts in your group or the company wall.

Like comment and share

Make your digital workplace truly social by allowing employees to interact with the content that is shared on your network.


Get the right people's attention by mentioning groups or individual users wherever relevant. Mentions are the most effective, yet, simple way to ensure people focus on what they need to.


Stay informed on everything that's going on through push notifications. Pick and choose when and for what you need to be notified so you don't get overwhelmed.


Share any company-level communication, from newsletters to sales reports through Forums. This space can also double up as a water cooler of sorts where employees can hold discussions on any subject.


Provide more context to the content in Froums by creating categories that posts can be associated with. Users can follow relevant topics to be notified of posts made under those categories.


Encourage the free flow of ideas by letting employees share them in this exclusive space meant for it. Upvote ideas, assign a status, and track an idea, from its brainstorming phase to its implementation.



Bring announcements, company events, high-priority to-dos, policies, messages from the CEO, and any other relevant information to a single page. Create an engaging information architecture that helps employees navigate their work.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Gratitude and recognition are pillars that strengthen work culture. Encourage all members of your organization to appreciate each other by awarding badges.

Points & levels

Bring in some healthy competition to your network by assigning points to activities such as making a post, asking a question, posting a comment etc.

Social Advocacy

Turn employees into representatives for your brand and values by creating content for them to share on their social media handles.

Virtual Town Halls

From AMA's with the CEO or management to Q&A sessions with topic experts, conduct sessions virtually through Town Halls.


Conduct surveys regularly to understand the pulse of your organization. Keep a note of how employees perceive the company, gather feedback, and level up your employee engagement game.

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Help employees get to know each other better with rich profiles that showcase who they are.

People Directory

Provide employees access to the member directory to make it easier for them to find the right people when needed.


Make your workplace more interactive by letting employees share and receive updates from their co-workers

Org chart

Build transparency by making sure your organization chart is accessible to all employees by making it available on your Connect network.

One-on-one conversations

Create an environment that enables employees to reach out to each other without barriers by enabling one-on-one chat, audio, and video calling.


Take an omni-channel approach to communication by reaching employees in ways that are convenient to them. Create team channels to bring your team together and get real time updates from them.

All-hands Group

Unify all your employees in a common space by creating an all-hands group. Share announcements, create events, conduct Town Halls, and use this space for any activity that involves your entire organization.

Private Messages

Keep confidential information under wraps by privately messaging teams or selected members.

External users

Add third party collaborators like contract employees, or an agent and provide them with restricted access to Zoho Connect.



Create collaborative spaces for teams to hold conversations, conduct meetings, share documents, assign and track tasks, and bring everything they need to a common space.

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Video conferencing

In today's world of remote and hybrid work, it is important to ensure everybody's included. Be it introducing new team members or work discussions, create a more collaborative environment through video conferencing.

Tasks & Boards

Create work plans, break them down into actionable tasks, assign and track the progress of work, and convert all your ideas into results.

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Workload view

Ensure work is mitigated across all team members by getting an overall view on the amount of tasks being handled by your team its individual members.

Task dependency

Outline the order in which tasks need to be completed by your team members by using the dependency option.

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Custom Fields

Customize and create new fields within a task Board to match your team's requirements.


Provide employees with a built-in knowledge base that they can draw on when needed. From company policies to best practice guidelines, curate information in collaboration with the experts in your organization.

Article Templates

A manual is made of multiple articles. Instead of recreating all articles from scratch, you could select one of our readily available templates or create your own.


Maintain a document repository within Zoho Connect so all the files your team needs are always within everyone's reach.

Create files

Collaboratively create documents, spreadsheets or presentations together with your co-workers.


Carry an updated schedule with you anywhere you go by using the calendar to keep track of company events, team meetings, and also, any deadlines you may have.


Whether it's a conference or a a company tournament, create events, invite co-workers, track RSVPs , and trigger reminders.

Event Types

Provide more context to your events by creating categories you can associate them to. For example, you could have event types such as contests, meetups, conferences, and so on.

Team Schedule

Get the full picture of what members of your team are working on. Stay in the know about their appointments, so you can plan and work together easily.

Live Broadcast

Stream live videos to reach everyone in the organization, anytime. Go live for anything from executive discussions to team meetings with an unlimited number of participants and ensure everyone actively engages in the session with reactions, hand raises, and screen sharing.


Custom apps

When it comes to automating, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Choose from a list of our pre-built apps and customize them, or build your own.


Using our drag-and-drop builder, build simple form-based apps that can gather information from your team and do away with repetitive manual work.


Generate reports based on the data that is gathered by your app and interpret them through reporting tools like charts and spreadsheets.

Dynamic Memberships

Create a rule that lets you add members matching a specific criteria based on their profile information automatically to a Group or a Board.


Set triggers and actions to automate routine work such as making a post, adding a task, or creating an event within Zoho Connect.


Configure schedulers to repeat specific actions at certain intervals, such as everyday, weekly, or every month. For example, sharing a weekly update of your website's performance within a Connect group.


Custom Domain

Allow employees to access Zoho from your company's domain.

Custom Styles

Speak your brand and bring a sense of familiarity by customizing the look and feel of your network.

Branded mobile apps

Get a fully customized mobile destination for all internal and employee communications.


Directory sync

Sync users from your Active Directory or your Zoho Directory to bring everyone to a common platform.


Integrate with all major identity and access management services to provide employees with one-click access to their Connect app.

Custom roles & permissions

Create additional user roles and assign permissions to define the scope of members in your network.


Make intranet management simpler by using policies to govern how users access information on your network.


Monitor the content that members share to make sure that only content that's relevant and needed is shared on the network.


Get the numbers and insights on the most active groups, users, posts, comments, forums, and more to help you understand how members are interacting in your organization.

Data Export

Secure your data by backing up your team's conversations, forums, manuals, and files.


Use APIs to integrate and connect with any third-party apps. Get updates from other work applications without having to switch tabs.


Zoho Connect integrates well within the Zoho ecosystem with apps such as Creator, Campaigns, Writer, Sheet, Show, and with popular applications like Google Drive, Zapier, and Trello. With integrations, not just your teams, but the apps you use are also well-connected.

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Your privacy and security is important to us

Our policies have been carefully designed to protect what's important to you—your data. We’re complaint with major privacy laws across the globe. Learn more about Privacy and Security at Zoho.

  • With data encryption, invitation-based membership, full control over user data, and a password-protected export option, Connect is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Zoho Connect does not collect, use, store, or maintain health information protected by HIPAA and other user data for its own purposes, and Connect is HIPAA compliant. Click here to learn more.

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