Who does it concern?

The GDPR covers all residents within the EU, and every organization that caters/provides services to EU residents must comply.

How does Zoho Connect help you to adhere to the principles of GDPR?

  1.  Security of personal data With provisions such as two-factor authentication, idle-session timeout, role-based access, Zoho Connect makes sure that the security standards are met. 
  2.  Invitation based membership Membership to Zoho Connect's internal and external networks is purely based on email invitation and people have the right to reject the invitation if they think it is irrelevant.
  3.  Full Control over user data Admins of Zoho Connect's internal and external networks have full control over the data of members in their network. They can choose to show/hide data in members' profiles. Members in a Zoho Connect network can delete content posted by them anytime they want to.
  4.  Password-protected Export Zoho Connect gives you the option to export content from your network. The exported file is password-protected (this option is configurable) and is safe from unauthorized access.
  5.  Option to switch off the export option for network users. Admin of a network can switch off exporting data out of the network, so that members don't export it.
  6.  Option to leave an External Network Zoho Connect provides you an option to leave an external network whenever you like to.
  7.  Data Cleanup from our database The network-related data that's deleted will be wiped off from our servers after 90 days. 
  8.  Data Encryption We make sure that personal data remains personal. Your group conversations, attached documents, user profiles, task, and manual data are encrypted and stored in our servers with limited access. 
  9.  Option to indicate any custom field as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Now, admins can indicate if a particular custom profile field is a PII while creating it. So that the data filled in that particular field is encrypted.

At Zoho, we give the utmost importance to your security and privacy. To know more about our security and privacy policies please visit www.zoho.com/security.html and www.zoho.com/privacy.html