Not just your teams, but your apps can stay connected as well.

With Zoho Connect's integrations with other apps, you can bring together all notifications from them to a single page, and access it from within a Zoho Connect group.

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      Zoho Apps

      • Zoho Campaigns
        Zoho Campaigns
        Zoho Apps

        Track your campaign's performance by receiving real-time updates in Zoho Connect.

      • Site 24x7
        Site 24x7
        Zoho Apps

        Monitor the performance of your website by keeping a tab on its uptime and downtime.​

      • Zoho Calendar
        Zoho Calendar
        Zoho Apps

        Sync your Zoho Calendar and Zoho Connect events, and you'll never miss anything important.

      • Zoho Writer
        Zoho Writer
        Zoho Apps

        Use Writer's editor to instantly create, edit, and share documents with your team.

      • Zoho Show
        Zoho Show
        Zoho Apps

        Create and edit presentations together with your team.

      • Zoho Sheet
        Zoho Sheet
        Zoho Apps

        Sheet's powerful editor lets you easily work out your data, from within Zoho Connect.

      • Zoho Docs
        Zoho Docs
        Zoho Apps

        Upload files from your Zoho Docs account to posts and comments in Connect. You can also add them to the Files app within a group.

      • Zoho Cliq
        Zoho Cliq
        Zoho Apps

        Start a real-time team chat by creating Channels and keep the conversation going even when on the move.

      • Zoho Creator
        Zoho Creator
        Zoho Apps

        Use the Zoho Creator powered form builder to create intelligent forms and customize workflows.

      • Zoho ShowTime
        Zoho ShowTime
        Zoho Apps

        Easily deliver your presentations and training to your team by starting a ShowTime session.

      • Zoho Projects
        Zoho Projects
        Zoho Apps

        Add tasks to your Zoho Project portals directly from Connect and track their progress.

      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Create custom integrations between Zoho Connect and 200+ business apps using Zoho Flow.

      Other Apps

        Other Apps

        Using this integration, you can start a video call from within your Zoho Connect group.

      • Lucidchart
        Other Apps

        Create charts with your team from within Zoho Connect or make your existing charts available within a Connect group.

      • Pingdom
        Other Apps

        Track your website's uptime, downtime, and be the first to know when a problem occurs.

      • Trello
        Other Apps

        Manage work effortlessly, by integrating Trello with Zoho Connect, and always stay up to speed on the progress of your team's projects.​

      • Asana
        Other Apps

        Juggle multiple projects by receiving automatic updates from Asana on your team's project tasks, and track them from within Connect.​

      • Google Drive
        Google Drive
        Other Apps

        Without logging in to your Google account, know immediately when changes are made in your Google Drive folders.​

      • Calendar
        Other Apps

        Carry your schedule on the go by syncing events in Zoho Connect with Apple and Outlook calendars.​

      • RSS Feed
        RSS Feed
        Other Apps

        Read everything from your favorite blogs and websites by receiving periodic updates in Zoho Connect.​

      • Incoming Webhook
        Incoming Webhook
        Other Apps

        Using webhook, post messages from your other applications to Zoho Connect.​

      • Outgoing Webhook
        Outgoing Webhook
        Other Apps

        Keep your other applications posted about what's happening within Zoho Connect.​

      • Zapier
        Other Apps

        Connect with 750+ apps by using this integration and easily move information between your apps.​

      Integrations through Zapier

      • Twitter
        Integrations through ZapierLearn More

        Post Twitter mentions to Zoho Connect posts.​

      • Slack
        Integrations through ZapierLearn More

        Get new Zoho Connect posts as messages in Slack.​

      • Wordpress
        Integrations through ZapierLearn More

        Add new WordPress posts as feeds in Zoho Connect.​

      • HubSpot
        Integrations through ZapierLearn More

        Add new HubSpot form submissions as Zoho Connect posts.​

      • Gmail
        Integrations through ZapierLearn More

        Post feeds in your Zoho Connect group for new mails in Gmail​