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Email is one of the most effective marketing channels for ecommerce stores to establish trust and engagement with your audience.

To get you started, Zoho Commerce has teamed up with Zoho Campaigns to provide you a free, three-month subscription to their subscriber-based plan. Simply integrate Campaigns with your store and start sending targeted, more relevant emails right away at no cost.

This offer is available to all existing and new Zoho Commerce customers who integrate with Zoho Campaigns before July 31, 2020. Note: This offer doesn’t apply to the existing Zoho Campaigns paid customers.

Why is email marketing important for your online store? 

Emails help you reliably deliver messages directly to your audience’s inbox. The ROI for ecommerce email is $42 for every $1 spent, making it one of the most desirable mediums for marketers.

Why choose Zoho Campaigns? 

This email marketing tool is designed for ecommerce stores and uses powerful automation to trigger emails based on customer shopping and purchase behavior. That means less work for you when it comes to nurturing your leads and current customers.

Integrating with Campaigns gives you access to the following features, allowing you to build targeted campaigns that increase customer engagement and conversion:

Pre-built email templates

Save time by using one or more templates from our library. These can be easily tweaked to build your email campaigns with various elements you can include using our drag-and-drop feature. .

Advanced shopping cart abandonment emails 

Globally, an average of 69.57% of shoppers abandon their carts. This shows that only one-third of customers who shop on your website are actually completing a transaction. To decrease the cart abandonment rate, Campaigns lets you employ an email strategy that triggers emails at specific intervals to help bring customers back to their cart.

Even recovering a part of the abandoned cart can help boost your revenue. So roll up your sleeves and set up an abandonment cart email sequence with at least three emails to win back your customers.

 Post-purchase follow-up emails

Use this feature to start a post-purchase conversation with your customers. If your service requires a post-purchase setup or feedback, this can automate the entire process.

You can also include products in the emails, cross-sell products, or make it easier for customers to re-purchase perishable goods.

Targeted emails 

Zoho Campaigns can help segment your audience based on their behavior, increasing the email’s relevance to the recipient. Imagine a scenario where a customer has not purchased in your online store in over six months—you can segment this audience and send out an email specifically tailored to bring them back to your store.

By creating small and targeted segments, you can build emails with the right messages and incentives to increase email engagement and your clickthrough rate.

Coupon inclusion 

Once you create Zoho Commerce coupon codes, they will be instantly available within Zoho Campaigns to include in all your campaigns. Providing the right incentive can help you win customers and increase the conversion rate of your emails.

These automation features are only available in the subscriber-based plan of Zoho Campaigns. It connects with your store and understands each subscriber’s behavior to help create meaningful segmentation based on customer’s preferences. For your three-month free subscription, you can sync the data of up to  2000 subscribers in your database.

If you have any concerns or queries about integrating your store with Zoho Campaigns, shoot an email to For a detailed explanation on how to integrate your Zoho Commerce store with Campaigns, click here.

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