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Put email marketing at the heart of your customer engagement and improve your store's ROI. Build a criteria-based email journey, craft targeted content, automate purchase and abandoned cart follow-ups, and more with Zoho Campaigns' ecommerce solution. 

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Zoho Campaigns integrates with these platforms:

Ecommerce email marketing workflows

Nurture and engage your audience long-term using email automation workflows. Designed with a drag-and-drop interface, our workflows let you build an action flow that automates your day-to-day communication while targeting your contacts with behavior-centric emails. 

Workflow trace-path 

Know the whys and hows of your converted contacts' journey inside a workflow with clear-cut reports. The depiction of the route your contacts take to meet your workflow end-goal is your trump card for future strategies.

ecommerce email workflows ecommerce revenue growth email

Targeted engagement

Campaigns' seamless integration with your store means you can segment your buyers based on their purchase history, profile information, and email interactions. What's more, the instant flow of data makes it that much more easier for you to readily send targeted emails

Targeted mailing lists

Features for creating actionable emails in minutes

Ecommerce email templates

Send out your newsletters in no time using ready-made templates designed to suit the different needs of the ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce Email Template


Strike a personal chord with your recipients by leveraging every bit of their consented data. Our personalization tags lets you automatically add crucial elements like first name, last name, and more in your email content.

Ecommerce personalization

Content sync

Detail your newsletters with business-centric content without lifting a finger. Our powerful synchronization makes your life easier by swiftly importing your store-generated coupons and product images into your newsletters.

Content sync discounts Content sync template

AI-driven recommendations

Take targeted engagement to the next level with our artificial-intelligence-based product recommendations. Simply select and add a recommendation from among five types. The system automatically displays product recommendations specific to every recipient when they open the email.

Driven template Driven type

Abandoned cart follow-ups 

Use a series of automated emails to encourage contacts falling at the final hurdle to complete their purchase. The onus of displaying the product details to the recipients is automation's while yours is just defining the message and the send time. 

Purchase follow-ups 

Win the interest of your buyers again at the right time by automating your follow-ups. You can even configure different messages by taking into account different behaviors like open, unopen, specific, and multiple link clicks.

ecommerce email automation ecommerce email automation

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