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Zia is Zoho’s very own artificial intelligence powered personalized recommendation engine designed to solve complex processes. In Zoho Commerce, Zia is programmed to learn to provide personalized product recommendations to your customers by studying data and customer behavior. Zia also makes store management easy for you, especially in the overall Zoho ecosystem, by adding data you need to see in Zoho Analytics.

What can  Zia do for Zoho Commerce?

The main role of Zia in ecommerce is to understand the customer’s shopping pattern in your store. This opens a world of possibilities for your online business.

A personalized product recommendation engine

A brick and mortar store usually has real salespeople showing their customers around and recommending products to customers, an online store doesn’t have the same advantage. But AI’s like Zia can step in to offer customers personalized product recommendations and increase your store’s conversions.

Zia’s personalized product recommendation engine gives you the unparalleled advantage of showing customers products they’re most likely to buy.

How does Zia know this? By observing thousands of customers who shop on your website and analyzing the products most frequently purchased together. This analysis is applied when a new customer visits your website or selects your product for purchase. As the amount of data captured by the AI engine increases, the efficiency and success rates increase too.

Additionally, Zia automatically adjusts to any changes in buying or customer behavior patterns over time so that you don’t have to worry about re-calibrating your website!

"product recommendation by Zia"

Even when purchase or order data is not sufficient or effective, Zia takes into account the behavior patterns of potential customers on the website. Zia learns from this user behavior and updates its intelligence engine accordingly, recommending related products as a new user browses through the store.

Having a smart product recommendation engine is an important component of long-term success in ecommerce. Research has shown that personalization and use of AI increases the average value of orders by 61% and results in a higher profit per order and higher customer lifetime value. Zia can make the difference for your success in ecommerce!

Offer 24/7 virtual support with chatbots

SalesIQ’s chatbot is built on Zia. This powerful integration means you can set up a robust chatbot for your ecommerce store to transform the customer’s shopping experience by providing an intuitive, ’round-the-clock virtual assistant.

"Zoho SalesIQ for your ecommerce business"

Generate instant reports about your store’s performance

If you integrate your ecommerce store with Zoho Analytics, you can save time by simply asking Zia for any data. She will provide the store metrics you need in the form of charts and graphs. No more juggling spreadsheets to find useful information. No more spending hours trying to organize vast data sets and start making actionable decisions based on the data.  This improves your store management experience and makes you more efficient!

"Zia generated Reports for your commerce Store"

Make artificial intelligence work in your favor

Zia comes built-in to your Zoho Commerce platform. There’s no need for coding or any other information required from you. Just switch the smart product recommendation on, and let Zia do its thing.

Happy selling!

Zoho Commerce is an ecommerce builder that helps you build your dream business simply by using its drag and drop features. In case of any queries feel free to drop us an email at marketing@zohocommerce.com. Click here to Signup for Zoho Commerce and use our free trial.

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