Times are tough and we find plenty of local stores and markets struggling to make ends meet. Zoho, under the Swadeshi Sankalp initiative, has decided to help out Indian businesses, education system and government however possible.

From Zoho Commerce, we have decided to help local retailers take their businesses online. We have made our platform free for the next three months for such retailers and provide all the support needed to take it online in under 48 hours.

If you are such a retailer who needs help or know anyone who could benefit from this program, email to We will get in touch with them in 24 hours.

 That’s not all, we have also extended the trial period of Zoho Commerce from 14-days to 90 days for Indian sellers to explore the platform better. We have also started a ‘Commerce Insights Series‘ where we get experts to talk about taking better product photographs, write a better product description, how to market online, etc. Watch out this space as we keep adding webinars to help you sell better.

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