Enhance customer experience with Zoho Commerce and Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Commerce and Zoho SalesIQ

Offering a great customer experience (CX) is indispensable to ecommerce. Like other businesses, the bulk of your ecommerce revenue comes from repeat purchases. However, a customer is likely to purchase from you only if their first experience finding, buying, and using your product is good.

Studies indicate that CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. CX helps brands achieve growth of up to 85% in sales over their competitors. Having great CX fosters loyalty, and according to Forbes, a loyal customer is five times more likely to make a repeat purchase and four times more likely to refer your ecommerce business to others.

Delivering great CX relies on an efficient customer engagement strategy. Ecommerce businesses built on Zoho Commerce are already primed to offer great CX, but Zoho Commerce with SalesIQ can take your customer engagement strategy a notch higher, resulting in improved sales. First, let's see what Zoho SalesIQ is and discuss its applications for ecommerce.

Zoho SalesIQ is a hassle-free customer engagement tool that helps you reimagine your ecommerce growth. You can filter, segment, and engage every new and returning visitor or prospect on your website or mobile application to increase your conversion rates. Using the tool will help you boost your marketing, sales, and support activities on your ecommerce store.


 SalesIQ for ecommerce: Use cases  

Automate customer engagement with bots

Overview: Automating responses to frequently asked customer queries on your ecommerce store can save you time and effort. Use Zoho Commerce with SalesIQ to understand common customer queries and automate your responses to create a resource library. You can add a library of small-talk responses to make your automated chats more personable.

Scenario: A user has signed up on your ecommerce store and is exploring product options before making a purchase. However, they have a few questions about the best offers and shipping times on your store, so they chat with you on the website. If this is a common pattern, you can automate your responses to the user by setting up a bot. It can be set up to greet the user, understand their question, respond in time, and take them through a guided tour. You can add a human touch by keeping the language more casual.

Possible outcome: A faster response time and warm messages make the visitor feel welcome, and they’re likely to spend more time on your store site, which may boost your sales.

Categorize and engage visitors contextually

Overview: If you’re an international business, visitors landing on your website may be from different countries and regions. If you’re running region-specific marketing campaigns, categorizing and filtering visitors can go a long way. With Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ, you can set up custom rules to filter your audience and do a deep dive into their behavior on your store. You’ll get insights on the time they spent on your website, the pages they visited, the action they took, and so on.

Scenario: You’re running a targeted campaign to your audience in California with an exclusive landing page that highlights your key value proposition and a limited time offer. For this purpose, you want to see data only from California. All you need to do is set up filters to narrow down your audience and engage with only those who are relevant to your campaign.

Possible outcome: You'll have a comprehensive view about visitors from your target market and their behavior on your campaign page.

Based on their interest level—measured by the time they spent on your page and the actions they took—you can segment them into different buckets and engage them contextually, leading to more conversions.

Give your visitors a score

Overview: Lead scoring tells you how interested a shopper is in your business. The higher the score, the more likely they’re interested in purchasing from you. With Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ, you can set up custom lead scoring rules to gauge your visitor's purchasing intent. The best part is, you choose what to score for a specific action. You can also track the source of the visit, the number of visits, and the time they spend on your site. You can identify whether they are new or returning visitors, and look into their entire conversation history.

Scenario: You’ve assigned high points for select user actions, such as viewing the product page, adding a product to their cart, completing the checkout, etc., on your ecommerce store. Now, assume that a visitor takes all of these actions on your store but stops short of making a purchase. Despite not completing the purchase, this is still a high-intent visitor based on the points they earned for taking the specific actions you defined. You retarget this high-intent visitor with a limited-time offer.

Possible outcome: The user is likely to convert when presented with a lucrative offer.

The key here is having valuable insight on the user’s intent. With Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ, you’re effectively retargeting only a high-intent visitor, rather than scattering your marketing efforts.

Engage visitors on their preferred channel 

Overview: Online reputation management is a critical aspect of any business, let alone ecommerce, because any lapse in response may lead to user dissatisfaction and a potential PR crisis. But, it might be daunting to track every user's messages across multiple instant messaging and social media apps. Imagine the amount of time that will be wasted switching between multiple apps. At the same time, it's important to respond to your customers on their preferred channel. Striking a balance between offering convenience to users and effectively managing your communication can be challenging, but not if you are a Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ user.

Connect with your prospects and customers wherever they are and give them the convenience of chatting with your business from their preferred channels. Bring all of your communication under one roof and save your agents from wasting time switching between apps. Engage with your customers on any messaging channel and manage all of those conversations right from Zoho SalesIQ.

Scenario: You have multiple customers reaching out to you for support via website live chat, and several prospects reaching out via different social media platforms and instant messaging apps for a demo. You use SalesIQ to monitor every single conversation, query, and opportunity, because all of your communication is streamlined under a single mailbox.

Possible outcome: You make a great first impression because the customers are likely to be delighted with your turnaround time, leading to more conversations and conversions.

Without Zoho SalesIQ, it'll take extensive effort for you to track and respond to all of the various queries posted on different channels. You might even miss some of these queries, resulting in a lost opportunity for your business.

Display dynamic content to select users

Overview: Not every visitor to your ecommerce store is at the same stage of their buyer's journey. Some might be first-time visitors, while others are recurring buyers. Offering the same web experience for these completely different user segments will not be effective at all. If you’re an ecommerce business keen on creating personalized shopping experiences for your visitors, Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ has a solution for you. With these tools, you can perform pre-defined actions when a visitor lands on your store. Send automated greetings with triggers, display dynamic content, and make your visitors feel at home.

Scenario: You want to offer a 40% discount on your most popular collection in your ecommerce store. However, you decide to extend this offer only to a few recurrent buyers, not everyone on your list. In a nutshell, you want to completely change the shopping experience for different user segments based on their purchase history. You can easily achieve this with the triggers module in Zoho SalesIQ.

Possible outcome: Recurring buyers might turn into loyal advocates as a result of the discount. You’re not likely to take a hit on your profit margins because your regular buyers will make their purchases at the standard price.

The final word

Brands are already prioritizing CX above all else, and you should join that bandwagon. Delivering great CX can make you stand out from your competitors, and you can unlock the secret to it with Zoho's ecosystem. With Zoho Commerce and SalesIQ, you’re primed to not just succeed, but thrive. For feedback, appreciations, product feature requests, product updates, or even product demos, write to marketing@zohocommerce.com. We’ll talk to you soon!

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