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Automate simple workflows and enhance team collaboration through conversational bots and reimagine the way your team works.

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Bots built in

Let our smart assistants take care of everyday routine tasks that keep you from the essentials.

Meet Taz, your in-house personal assistant

  • Sends invites for calendar events

  • Saves files, notes, and links

  • Promptly notifies of reminders

Let Zia orchestrate your events

Plan and manage events effortlessly with Zia — Zoho's artificially intelligent bot assistant and focus your team efforts on things that matter. From sending event invites and updating invitee status to creating a custom group conversation with all invitees to collaborate easily, Zia handles it all!

Become a bot builder, with a few lines of code

With Cliq's extensible and tightly integrated platform, there's no need to limit yourself to readily available bots in the marketplace. Build bots that are fully customized, can connect with your tool stack, automate your workflows, and function as your assistant.

Create intelligent conversational bots that can

  • Get work done

    Bot menus are quick actionable shortcuts you can use to get things done from your bot in a jiffy!

  • Provide suggestions based on context

    Train your bot to understand the context of a conversation and respond with relative suggestions.

  • Accelerate workflows through forms

    Bots can collect a bunch of data and perform an action. From running internal surveys, polls to assigning tasks, bots can do it all.

  • Connect to your favorite tools

    Switch on your bot's webhooks and let the bot monitor your tools for you.

  • Assist you in a conversation

    Involve your bot in a conversation with a @mention and ask the bot to perform a task or get some data for you.

  • Make announcements to your team

    What's more, you can keep your team updated with prompt notifications and alerts from your bot!

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Innovations that scale productivity

Discover how bots built on the Cliq Platform can make your team collaborate efficiently by automating notifications on project and task updates, to-do lists, and more!

Quick customer metrics with @Deskbot

Keep your support team aligned with the rest of the teams in your organization with instant access to ticket information and notifications on ticket summary through the @Deskbot.

See the @Deskbot in action

Simple, easy polls with @Poll Bot

Make quick collective decisions by using the @Poll Bot to create and launch simple yet effective polls in any conversation of your choice.

See the @Poll Bot in action

Daily digest of news from @Feeds Bot

Organize, read, and follow up on what matters to you. Curate your personal news feed with digests from the @Feeds Bot and stay up-to-date!

See the @Feeds Bot in action

Build bots that drive action in your workplace

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