Feeds Bot for Cliq—daily dose of news delivered straight to your chat box

Keeping up-to-date with all the latest news and information is impossible with the wide range of social media options and numerous news and blog sites. It's easy to end up drowning in the sea of topics and content generated every second on today’s web.

  •  350,000 Tweets per minute
  • 2,475,900 Blog articles per day

The above numbers don't even scratch the surface. Imagine the number of news articles, user-content-driven YouTube videos, and podcasts published every minute. To consume this whopping amount of content in a day is impossible. One way of doing it is to identify your interests and the best sources for relevant content. Even then, this routine of opening multiple tabs and web pages becomes tiresome and time-consuming.

This is where Feeds comes in. Feeds Arena is a neat way to follow the content of websites, blogs, and podcasts. Feeds can be read through Feeds Arena—essentially a one-stop shop to quench your thirst for the latest updates and news.

Your Feeds Arena now integrated with Cliq

To further simplify how you get your news, Feeds is now available in Zoho Cliq, making this powerful chat software even more of a comprehensive communications hub.

Simply install the Feeds Arena extension from Cliq Marketplace and get your daily dose of news and updates right inside Cliq, skipping the need for an external Feeds reader—one less app to open during your busy workday. The Feeds Arena extension comes with an Feeds Bot that makes sure you will never miss an update. All you have to do is feed the Feeds bot a URL, set a delivery time, and then carry on with your work.


The bot will collect news from the site and deliver it to you at the chosen time every day. This way, you can ensure that you don’t get lost with news, updates, or ads ever again.

You can even spread out your news, based on its topic, to show up at a time that works for you. The bot has four time slots to deliver the news: 8am, 10am, 5pm, and 7pm. Categorize your feeds into four sections based on your needs—for example, Tech News, Product Management, Miscellaneous, and Blogs & Podcasts. Schedule the feeds under the above four categories at suitable time slots. By doing this, you can set certain feeds for your commute, others for your coffee break, and maybe some relaxation topics for your return commute to help you unwind from a busy day.


Try out the Feeds Bot by clicking on the button and installing it in your Cliq. Also, comment below your favorite feeds so we can check them out!



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  1. Hello. Unfortunately I have problems with installing every extension on EU environment...I have installed this one but nothing has happened and there is no new bot in my Cliq.

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