This Children's Day, make kids a part of your digital home.

The global theme for this year's Children's Day is "Inclusion, for every child". It's beautiful how children of today have become more aware and invested in global issues, and how they are now active participants rather than passive observers to happenings around the world. As they become more socially aware, as families, we could also help them be more technologically aware by including them in our digital homes.

World Children's Day

Here are the different ways in which Zillum can help you introduce your children to different aspects of a digital communication space.

Spurring creativity with intelligence 

When yesteryear kids were first introduced to something called personal computers, one of the things they enjoyed most was creating shapes with brush strokes in a paint window, or typing random sentences in a notepad. Children are innately attracted to creating things. Zillum's tools to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations not only tap into their natural urge to create, but also open their eyes to smart ways for enriching their work with intelligent writing suggestions, impressive race charts, smart elements, and more.

Encouraging the art of working together 

Ideas thrive when they are shared, debated, and improved on. Zillum has co-editing, commenting, and other collaborative elements woven into it, encouraging children to create together, take feedback, and learn the art of teamwork. School group projects, or weekend family activities can turn into valuable lessons on collaboration.

Introducing kids to the world of emailing 

Letter writing exercises have long been replaced with email writing tasks at school, but how often do kids actually write it in an email client from an email address that they can call it their own? Creating email accounts for children can help them practice what they learn, give them a sense of ownership, and in a way resuscitate the habit of letter writing and the thrill of receiving a response!

Inculcating a sense of community 

Gone are the days when relatives and cousins lived across the street, or a short ride away. With families and friends miles apart, it's unfortunate if only the adults communicate in family groups! Zillum facilitates easy and fun group conversations among people of different age groups, without the need for each member having a phone number. While nothing can equal the human touch, smiles are still contagious even through a meeting screen!

Enforcing the importance of securing personal information 

We've all at some point shared our personal account information or passwords as plain text or sometimes even yelled them, before realizing that it is a security threat. Cultivate the habit of securing personal information early on in your child's digital journey, by encouraging them to use Zillum's password manager. Next time someone casually asks for their password or any personally identifiable information, they'll know that it isn't normal.

Helping parents stay vigil while being inclusive 

Being inclusive does not mean that you have to give complete and unmonitored digital access to your child with no limitations. Adult privileges are for adulthood, and Zillum clearly differentiates a child account from the rest, with additional controls and permissions for the parent or the family head. You can read our detailed document to know how Zillum equips you with multiple settings to keep your child from placing themselves unintentionally in harm's way.

Once again, a very happy Children's day to all kids, and thank you to all families striving to create an inclusive world, and making children more socially and technologically aware. Sign up for Zillum today, and we'd love to be a part of your family's digital journey!

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