Introducing Zillum: where your family can build your online home

To feel at home is to feel safe and secure, and within the walls of a home is where many first milestones take place. The first step, the first spoken word, possibly even the first argument, and the first apology.

Shouldn't technology then begin at home too? While you ensure everyone is safe and secure in your house, we give you a way to make sure your personal data and communications are protected and safeguarded too. Meet Zillum by Zoho: our family-exclusive email and collaboration bundle, built with the oldest institution of all time in mind. Zillum, now in beta stage, has been curated to meet every family's communication and storage needs by including apps for email, instant messaging, file creation and storage, password management, and schedule tracking.

The Zillum story

Zillum is a name that has been close to Zoho for a long time now, and something we had reserved for a very special product. Incidentally Zillum has a beautiful meaning hidden in it. The term is a portmanteau, made with the Z from Zoho and Illum, the romanization of the Tamil word "இல்லம்" which means "home." This name perfectly represents our home-focused offering, a name that is profoundly meaningful and dear, just like what family is to most of us. Within Zillum, family members young and old can feel included and valued while building stronger connections with each other.

Your family cloud

Zillum brings together all family communications and data to a single space, where they can be easily accessed and shared. You can set up your family cloud account using your custom domain name or as a subdomain in Then, you can add all your family members and give them their own email addresses along with personal and shared storage spaces. Zillum also offers a "hallway" to your family space in the form of a neatly organized dashboard, with important items picked from each of the different apps (like the most recent emails, starred messages, events planned, and more). Family members can switch from one app to another with a single tap or click, without having to juggle between different browser tabs.

Technology begins at home

Today's children are born into a completely digital world. Zillum gives you a way to guide the development of their technological literacy, allowing you to be the first one to introduce them to the art of online communication, personal information security, and responsible sharing—all from home. Handling their own email address gives children a sense of ownership, while teaching them the nuances of emailing. Zoho Mail's sharing and commenting features make something as old as email both fun and conversational.

Zillum also offers a great opportunity for older family members who may not have handled technology before to try their hands at these modern apps and stay connected with everyone else. As the administrator or the head of your family account you will have control over the level of access different family members have and the permissions granted to them.

Centralizing important communication

Almost every activity requires an email ID these days, from booking a ticket, ordering groceries, or enrolling your child in school. A family domain email address not only helps group all such important alerts and messages into a single place, but also has the added advantage of being cool as well as convenient. If you'd like certain emails to be read by multiple members of the family, you can conveniently create a group email alias to give those members access.

Create, share, preserve

Ever wondered where your very first essay is buried? Or where that embarrassing yet funny photo of your child missing their baby teeth has gone? With Zillum, you can add your photos, organize them by family folders, and upload and save family memories without worrying about losing them. Zillum's powerful Zia search with OCR helps locate your files instantly whenever you're in the mood for a trip down memory lane. Built-in office apps Writer, Sheet, and Show will come in handy when preparing school assignments, setting up family budget sheets, or creating a slideshow for the family reunion.

Make friends with family

What's a family without regular banter and friendly conversation? Cliq's group channels erase distances and bring your family members closer, even if they are miles apart. Share everything from small achievements to big news, react to messages to express your joy, and huddle around to plan family events. Cousin's birthday coming up? Hop on a group video call and sing them a song!

Secrets under lock and key

As a family, you don't just share in the good and the bad—you often share passwords too. From the home Wifi network to online streaming platforms or e-commerce sites, you probably share an account or two amongst yourselves. Graduate from risky password sharing in plain text or as sticky notes on the fridge, and store your login credentials securely in Zoho Vault. This way, you can share access through one-click login without even sharing the exact password. Vault also analyzes the strength of your passwords so that there are no weak links.

Zoho's promise of security

Zoho has been in the business software industry for over 25 years now, and we still embrace security and privacy as a culture and not a mere requirement. Now, we bring the same level of commitment to Zillum, helping you build a secure online home for your family, that's intruder-free, ad-free, and worry-free!

We are opening up Zillum's beta edition with a 30-day free trial. Sign up today and experience a better way to make technology work for your family. Already on an email system that you want to move out of? Zillum supports easy and quick migration to ensure a smooth switch and lossless data transfer. Here's to happy and secure homes!


20 Replies to Introducing Zillum: where your family can build your online home

  1. What if your family doesn't fit into the 3 tiers easily? I have 4 family members. Do I have to pay for the 5 member tier and have one license wasted? What if I want to add two grandparents? Do I then have to move to the 10 member tier and have 4 unused spots, or can I get 2 three members tiers?

    1. Yes Craig, you will have to opt for the 10 member tier. We are also exploring how we can refine and make this better.

  2. If I sign up for the trail, can I use the subdomain, and then add and switch to my own personal domain later if I decide to keep using the service?

  3. Do you offer an e mail ID, leave alone family , domain etc. etc.,. at this stage. I want an Indian E mail ID because I am weary/dislike foreign ones like Gmail, Hotmail etc. Likewise, would you provide a browser too ? If there is something called sono mail please clarify how to create it.

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