Animated race charts offer holistic data visualization

Watch your time series data transform into beautiful animated charts, where the data elements compete over time!

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Simply built, but built different

A bar race chart is just as easy to bulid as any other chart.

Complete customization

From the chart legend to the speed of the animation, you can customize every element of the Race Chart, all from the chart side pane.

The smoothest and the smartest

With automatic smart axes labels, and options to enable interpolation between data points, Zoho Sheet lets you build the smoothest, most comprehensible Race Charts.

Accumulation accounted for

Not every time series is the same, and there might be data sets that need accumulation. With options to cumulate values over the year, you can build the most accurate animated representation of your data.

Share your work

Zoho Sheet makes it easy to publish or embed these animated bar charts in your blogs or reports, making for an interesting data visualization. Any changes made to your original data will be reflected in these embedded or published charts as well, so your work is always up to date.

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“For almost a decade, I’ve been using Zoho Sheet for my work. The teams aim to solve problems quickly, and the assistance for the client means that we can do our jobs more successfully.”

Hans Rieder

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