The Working from Home Guide: Document Collaboration Basics

As more companies, including ours, work from home by default to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s only natural for employees and teams to go through a period of self-adjustment. But that’s how we’ll learn to adapt, isn’t it?

Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to effectively use Zoho Writer to collaborate with your team, wherever you are.

1. Start by adding teammates to your documents and give each collaborator different levels of editing permissions, depending on their role in the process.

Document collaboration using Zoho Writer

Here’s a step-by-step guide on document sharing


2. Suggestions can be made in two ways. One option is to select a block of text and add contextual comments. This way, you can give feedback without making direct changes to the document.

Read more on commenting


3. Another option is to make edits to the document directly using Track Changes. This helps you give direct suggestions for change, while the document owner can easily see and choose whether to accept or reject those edits.

Track changes and comments in Zoho Writer

Read more on Track Changes


4. Working on the go? You can create and edit documents without an active internet connection. Writer saves your changes to sync whenever you reconnect.

Read more on working offline


5. Are some of your teammates more comfortable working outside of the web-browser? No matter what device or browser they prefer, Writer has you covered.

📱 Get our Android, iPhone and iPad apps
🖥 Get our Windows, macOS and Linux apps


If you aren’t using Writer yet, you can create your Zoho account for free and start by importing your existing MS Word docs, text files, and other compatible files. All the features we’ve listed are free for everyone as well.

Stay safe, and happy writing! =]


Get the complete remote working tool kit with Zoho Remotely: you can now use Zoho Writer alongside the suite of products that’ll power you and your team to maintain a close-knit and productive working environment. Zoho is offering Remotely for free to help organizations who choose to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.


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  1. The new windows app for Writer is great! Is a windows app going to be also made available for Sheets and Show?

    1. Thank you so much! :) The teams are working on it as we speak, though we don't have a fixed release date yet.

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