The Future of Collaboration in Zoho Workplace: Trident, Phone Systems, and more

Zoho Workplace introduces a brand-new desktop app, a phone system for Cliq and Meeting, an AI-writing assistant for the web, a webinar platform, and more.

Since late last year, changes to the workplace and economic landscape have renewed business leaders' focus on rationalizing IT spending and improving the overall efficiency of employees.

Today, without raising any of our prices, we are announcing major upgrades across our Workplace suite, all centered on elevating productivity and increasing user efficiency. This release supports our decades-long commitment to providing highly valuable software solutions to our users. 

Let's jump right in.

Zoho Trident: a new desktop app for Workplace 

Trident is an exciting new app that brings your email and team collaboration suites together. This native macOS and Windows app unites Mail, Cliq, Notes, audio/video calls, Calendar, and more in one location. 

Trident offers a variety of industry-first experiences. Our Smart Mail feature, for example, transforms email notifications into live versions of their destination apps right within your inbox. 

Trident is currently in public beta and is available to all Zoho Mail users. Be sure to read our complete announcement, because there's a lot more to explore! ✨ 

Bringing back familiar, human interactions 

To share an email attachment with a colleague, you've traditionally had to download the file and share it in a chat window, or upload it to a drive and generate a shareable link. 

With Workplace's new universal drag-and-drop capability, all you have to do is drag an email attachment and drop it in your chat window. Zoho will take care of the rest in the background. 

There's more to this as well. Check out our post about all the new ways you can interact with Zoho Workplace now. 

Webinars in Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting now has built-in Webinar functionality for you to host sessions, drive registrations, broadcast or YouTube-stream, and encourage audience interaction using Q&As and polls.

A complete phone system on the cloud

Organizations today are actively looking for unified communications platforms that reduce dependency on legacy, hardware systems.

To help achieve this, we're integrating the Zoho Voice platform with Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meeting. Now, you can make or receive phone calls, send SMS messages, and check overall call analytics directly from these apps.

Check out this detailed information on availability, setup, and more:

Phone System in Zoho Cliq | Phone System in Zoho Meeting

An AI-Writing assistant for your browser: Meet BluePencil

Zia, Zoho Writer's smart assistant, is becoming a full-fledged browser extension called BluePencil. BluePencil brings you the same AI-based grammar, readability, and style suggestions in the form of a pocket editor across the web. Use BluePencil to edit your content on popular social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Read more

Doubling down on hybrid work security 

Finally, we're introducing new ways to protect your company data from both intentional and unintentional misuse. A new confidential email mode called Secure Pass and Mobile Device Management are making their way from our ManageEngine suite of UEM products to Zoho Workplace.

Read more about our security updates in this post.

That's all for now. Today's announcement is an exciting step for Workplace, and we look forward to seeing how you put all the new features to use. Please feel free to share your thoughts and further suggestions in the comments below.


33 Replies to The Future of Collaboration in Zoho Workplace: Trident, Phone Systems, and more

  1. These are nice features and we will try. I am waiting on the Zoom Integration feature as Zoho Meeting doesn't meet my expectations for internal and customer interactions. Right now with Zoom not interegrated with the Calendar we have to manually add the links to meetings or go through our booking page and modify our availabilty.

  2. Excited to see a native email client for Zoho! A few questions about Trident: - Will tasks be getting a can-ban board layout like the web version? - Will there be other extensions like the ones included for Desk, Projects, Books, etc? - Will there be the ability to open Desk from an email ticket? Right now it only shows the ticket details, and I can't seem to go directly to the ticket in Desk.

  3. Its not as smooth as I was expecting it to be. It lags a lot. I understand it is a beta version, hoping when the full version comes out it will not lag. For now I am back to using the old desktop mail.

  4. I don't need AI in my email. I need normal email management functions to work, like being able to sort by sender, which for some reason no longer works.

  5. But will Zoho Mail also be kept in the line-up? Im curious if this app can handle everything smooth. I personally find Zoho Mail slow, perhaps because its to packed with features. No matter if i use the browser version, desktop version or webapp version. Its sluggish and slow. Both on my old Mac Pro 2009 but also on my Omen 15 2020

    1. We don't have immediate plans to support Linux yet, Nathan :) We'll definitely keep you posted as soon as we have something in the works.

      1. We hope so, one of the reason we are testing migrating Zoho in my bussines is that Zoho Mail and Zoho Workdrive were available for Linux. Will be Zoho Mail app for Linux being maintained and update meanwhile there is no news about a Trident Linux version? (security patches at least) Thanks!

    1. Hello, Sanjay 👋 We don't have immediate plans to have Trident Chrome-native, yet. We'll definitely let you know as soon as we get working on this.

  6. Zoho Trident is ultimately a very cool answer to Outlook-powered workstations. Definitely excited to try this and to how it will improve the accessibility of the various applications. Hopefully this one continues to be supported with the latest mail updates. Also, hoping that this overtime integrates with WorkDrive to offer a Dropbox-like ability to access files offline and sync later. Not sure if BluePencil is different than Grammarly, but the name is weird. The Assistant seems to already exist in Mail and Writer so not sure why it would be added as a separate browser extension other than to take it outside of the platform. Keep up the great work Zoho team!

    1. Thank you so much, Ombre :) Yes, the team is working hard to support Zoho Mail and Cliq functionalities before we come out of beta for Trident. A WorkDrive integration is something a lot of our customers have been asking for as well. We are keeping this in mind when we work on future releases for Trident. BluePencil is the same AI we've used within Writer and Mail, yes. The idea here is to provide you with the same suggestions wherever you type across the web—not just Zoho apps :) Thanks a lot, again!

      1. Is the goal for Bluepencil to be competitive with Grammarly? I'm curious as to the product's future road map. Will it obtain features like style and tone check similar to that of Grammarly?

    1. Hello, Eugene. Yes, Trident currently is available on beta for free for anyone with a Zoho Mail account. The Workplace updates are also available on the existing plans without any extra cost. The phone calls made using the Zoho Voice integration will be charge additionally based on your region and type of call.

    1. Hello, Bill 👋 We don't have immediate plans to bring Trident to Linux. We'll definitely keep you posted if you have any updates on this.

    1. Hello, Venkat 👋 Most of these are available on your Workplace plans, if you're a subscriber already. Zoho Trident is in beta and is currently available for free for everyone with a Zoho Mail account to preview.

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