Our working from home guide: Team collaboration with WorkDrive 

Collaboration is vitally important in today's workplace, and an effective team collaboration is the fuel to a company's growth. With more and more organizations embracing remote work, especially in light of  the spread of the COVID-19 virus, businesses are looking for solutions to help them ensure seamless collaboration without disturbing the team's integrity.

That is why we decided to put together a quick guide on how you can use Zoho WorkDrive to create a shared workspace for your team to work together without any restrictions, whether they are working from home or together in the office.

Bring your files to WorkDrive:

Bulk upload files and folders from your desktop or pick from other cloud services and get started with work right away.


Bring your team and their files under a single roof. Create Team Folders for a particular function, department, or even a project and add all the relevant team members to it. This way, everyone has access to information they need, members can view what other's are working on and can refer to files without any dependency.

Collaborate efficiently with your team: 

WorkDrive offers a built-in online office suite—Writer (word processor), Sheet (spreadsheet software), and Show (presentation tool). Even when working from home, your team can work on files in real time, track changes, and review edits without any hassle or delays.

Share your work: 

Whether you're working with a member from a different team or with an external stakeholder, WorkDrive's multi-level sharing allows you to work with anyone and everyone. Collaborate with vendors, partners, or customers easily with the external sharing feature without worrying about data security or information loss.

Discuss any documents: 

You can add comments to any file, tag users, and drive discussions around documents to add more context to your conversations, all right within WorkDrive.

Work offline: 

No network? No problem. WorkDrive offers a Desktop sync apps so you can work offline and sync your work when you connect to internet again. You can download the app here.

Connect your business apps with WorkDrive:

With our Zapier and Zoho Flow integrations, you can connect WorkDrive with the apps you use everyday. Create custom workflows to automate or eliminate repetitive manual tasks slowing down your team’s productivity, and streamline information flow across your business apps.

With teams working from remote locations, data security will be everyone's concern. Don't worry: with WorkDrive, you can monitor team activity closely, set strict password policies, and enable two-factor authentication to ensure secure account access. You can also restrict users from accessing their WorkDrive accounts from certain IP addresses as well.

If you're not a WorkDrive user yet, you can create an account for free here. WorkDrive also offers migration options to move all your files from DropBox and Google Drive.

Get the complete remote working toolkit with Zoho Remotely: you can now use Zoho WorkDrive alongside the suite of collaborative products that will power you and your team to maintain a close-knit and productive working environment. Zoho is offering Remotely for free to help organizations who choose to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.

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